Welcome Program

Welcome program

What services are included

recogida aeropuerto

Pick-up upon arrival and transfer to the accommodation

icono 2noches

2 nights accommodation with breakfast included

icono cuenta

Opening a free bank account

icono sim

SIM phone card, connect on arrival

icono busqueda alojamiento

Help in finding accommodation

icono residencia

Processing your application for legal residency

icono 24 horas

24h emergency phone number 

icono seguro médico

Processing of medical insurance and others (optional)

Types of welcome

A welcome for every profile and need 

Programa Clásica estudiantes

Classical students

Designed to cover the basic needs of students when they move to another country, at the best price.

Programa Clásica profesionales

Classical professionals

Designed for professionals moving to work in another country to have everything ready upon arrival.

Programa Premium

Hospitality students

For students and professionals who want a welcome with extra comfort, in a superior category. 

Programa VIP

VIP for professionals

Services in the top category, to satisfy the most exclusive students and professionals.

This program covers all the needs of the displaced person upon arrival in a new city. It is agile and excellent, in addition to the best mobility service for people traveling alone or for the first time to a new destination. Don’t worry and feel accompanied, let us help you and have everything ready for your arrival, live a smart mobility!

Description of services included

Airport pick-up

A Campussing representative will meet you at the airport, station or arrival point in the center of your destination city to welcome you and transfer you to your accommodation. 

If you have a stopover in another city to reach your final destination, see our optional services.


The transfer from the pick-up point to your accommodation within the destination city is included. The transfer includes up to a maximum distance of 20kms. 

Additional Kms must be paid separately. The price of the additional Km. will depend on the type of vehicle and rate contracted, and in case of occurrence, the cost will be confirmed to the customer prior to the trip.


The program includes 2 nights accommodation with breakfast in a hotel, residence or Campussing guesthouse. The category of accommodation and type of room will vary depending on the type of welcome contracted. 

You may request additional nights or an upgrade to a higher category by contacting us subject to availability. If you make stopovers and need to spend the night in the connecting city, see our optional services.

Telephone SIM card

Upon arrival we will give you the SIM card that corresponds to you. So you can stay connected with family and friends from the moment you arrive. All cards include the possibility of making national calls and internet access so you can feel free and be connected. 

Card characteristics according to the program contracted:

  • Classic SIM card: with 10€ credit for calls.
  • Premium SIM Card: with 20€ credit for calls.
  • VIP SIM Card: with 30€ credit for calls.

Possibility of applying for more credit, a telephone contract or a cell phone. Includes advice on telephone rates.

Opening a bank account 

We arrange the opening of a bank account and a debit card with no opening or maintenance costs for you. So that you have an entity with which to operate when you arrive at your destination. 

We will apply for the opening in the nearest bank office to your place of residence, studies or work, where you wish, and you will have online access to your account, a multi-language manager to help you and free information service by sms.

In addition, we accompany you to the bank on the day of the signing of the opening to help you with everything and avoid setbacks.

Housing search assistance

We help you with the search, you choose the option that suits you best, room, residence, apartment or homestay and we locate it for you, we help you according to the type of program contracted, so that you have your ideal accommodation as soon as possible.

Processing of legal residence permits

If you are traveling to Spain for a period of more than 3 months, the welcome program includes the processing of the following immigration documents:

  • If you are an EU citizen and you purchase the welcome package, we will facilitate the application for your registration in the central registry of foreigners. 
  • If you are a non-EU (non-EU) citizen, we will process the application for your Foreigners Identification Card (TIE). 

Note: the foreigner fees to be paid by the foreigner to the destination government or administration are not included and must be paid separately. 

All international citizens traveling abroad must regularize their status in order to reside legally in the country of destination and as established by current legislation.

24h emergency and customer service

You will have at your disposal a 24h x 7 emergency phone number from your arrival and for the period included in the program you have contracted. So that if you need to call us and be accompanied at all times if you have an emergency. 

Customer service phone number

 If you are a Campussing customer, you will have at your disposal, during office hours, a customer service telephone number for the entire mobility period.

Optional services 

Health insurance assistance 

If you need it, we can help you to take out an insurance policy tailored to your needs and within 24 hours, covering your health, travel, repatriation and stay.  

We recommend the health, travel and stay insurance for 1,29 € per day approximately (depending on the price per day of booking and profile of the traveler). If you already have a health insurance that covers you at your destination, we recommend the travel and stay insurance for approximately €0.53 per day (depending on the booking day and profile of the traveler). And you will only pay for the days you need to be insured.

It meets all the requirements requested by the consulate, we process it and send it to be presented at the consulate, it is totally reliable and the most complete and economical.

Transfer of liaison

If you make a stopover or stop in another city before reaching your final destination, we can transfer you to the connection point in the stopover city or to the final destination city. 

For example, if your final destination is Malaga, but you arrive on an international flight to Madrid-Barajas and from Madrid you must travel to Malaga by train, if you wish, we can provide you with a shuttle service that will pick you up at Madrid-Barajas and transfer you to the train station or connection point in the same city. 

Door to door transfer

If you make a stopover and prefer to travel to your final destination by car, we offer door-to-door service, which can take you from any point to any point in the country.


Depending on the program contracted, you will have more or less luggage capacity. If on arrival your luggage exceeds the limits, you can always hire more space at your destination. The additional price for a large suitcase is 20 €, a medium one is 10 € and a small one is 6 € that you must pay at the time of transfer.

Liaison accommodation

If you wish to stay overnight when you arrive in your connecting city instead of continuing your trip, we can provide you with quality connecting accommodation at a very competitive price thanks to the agreements we have with our partners. 

Additional nights of lodging

If the two nights included in the program are not enough, you will be able to extend the number of nights if there is availability in accommodation upon request. It is recommended to request it in advance to ensure availability. We have standard rates but the price will vary depending on the type of accommodation and availability.

Housing search assistance

If the contracted hours of help with the accommodation search are not enough, you can extend this service. We work for you to have your accommodation in the estimated time, so we recommend that you do not hire it in advance.

Request for other local registries

If you also need us to help you with other local registrations and you have contracted a Campussing program, you will benefit from all the Smart Campussing discounts. Contact us if you need additional information.