Terms and Conditions


These General Conditions of Use regulate the provision of the services that GLUNSER SPAIN S.L. (hereinafter, CAMPUSSING) will provide through this Web Site (hereinafter, the Web Site). CAMPUSSING’s details are as follows:

  • Telephone: (+34) 91 770 26 89. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (spanish time).
  • E-mail: booking@campussing.com 
  • Web: You can register as a user on our website www.campussing.com and place your orders online.



These general terms and conditions of sale apply strictly to all services offered via the Web by CAMPUSSING.


The following is the contractual document that will govern the contracting of products and/or services through the website www.campussing.com owned by GLUNSER SPAIN S.L. The acceptance of this document implies that the User: 

  1. You have read, understand and comprehend the foregoing.
  2. That he/she is a person with sufficient capacity to contract.
  3. That he/she assumes all the obligations set forth herein.

These terms and conditions shall be valid for an indefinite period of time and shall be applicable to all contracts made through the Web site www.campussing.com.

These General Conditions of Use and Contracting of the CAMPUSSING web site, together with the Special Conditions that may be established, are intended to provide the User with the necessary information and to regulate the commercial relations that may arise between CAMPUSSING and the Users of the web site. 

The navigation, registration, use and/or acquisition of any of the products of the web, implies the acceptance as User, without reservations of any kind, of each and every one of the present General Conditions of Use and Contracting that in its case govern the acquisition of the goods and/or the provision of the services, as well as in its case, of the Particular Conditions if any.

CAMPUSSING may at any time and without prior notice, modify these General Conditions of Use and Contracting and the Particular Conditions by publishing such modifications on the web so that they can be known by the Users. Such modification shall not affect the goods or promotions that were purchased by the User prior to the modification.

Information regarding compliance with the LOPD and cookies can be found in our privacy policy.

Any order placed via the Web to CAMPUSSING necessarily implies as an essential, determining and indispensable condition, the acceptance without reservation by the User of the General Conditions of Sale of CAMPUSSING in force on the day on which the corresponding order is placed. Furthermore, the User acknowledges that the acceptance of the present conditions shall imply their application to the order to which they refer, as well as to any subsequent order, with the exception of those cases in which new conditions are brought to his/her attention by CAMPUSSING. CAMPUSSING’s failure to have recourse to any of these terms and conditions at any time shall not be construed as a waiver of any future or past recourse to these terms and conditions.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction: the interpretation and execution of the conditions, as well as all acts that are a consequence of them, shall be subject to Spanish law, unless there are public policy provisions to the contrary.


All products and services are subject to the following conditions. By purchasing on the Web, you automatically accept these conditions. Please read them carefully.

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to on-line sales transactions between CAMPUSSING and its Users. 

CAMPUSSING is entitled to unilaterally modify each and every one of the obligations set forth in these terms and conditions, without prior notice. 


Likewise, it is empowered to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content included in the Web, without prior notice.

CAMPUSSING reserves the right of admission and cancellation of any contract, being able to return the amount paid by the User and being exempt from any other obligation. 

The contracted or reserved services will be effective once the payment of such service is effective.

The Web does not require prior subscription for simple browsing. On the contrary, for access to certain content and services, subscription and registration as a User (hereinafter User) will be required.


The User will proceed to pay 100% of the agreed price specified in the conditions of each product or service. In most cases 100% of the payment is required to book the service, but there are services or products that require partial payment to make the reservation. These conditions will be specified in the product description.

These general terms and conditions apply strictly to all services offered on www.campussing.com.


In accordance with the above, CAMPUSSING reserves some of the Services offered through the Website to Registered Users of CAMPUSSING by filling in the corresponding User registration form.

To contract any service on the CAMPUSSING website you must register on it. Your data will be saved and so your future contracts will be faster. To register on the web you must go to the section “My account”. If you are already registered and you have forgotten your password, go to “My account”, click on the option “Forgot your password?”, enter your e-mail address and “Continue”, and you will immediately receive an e-mail with your password.

The User agrees to select, use and maintain his or her login name and password (hereinafter collectively the “Access Keys”) in accordance with the following clauses.

Assignment of Access Codes

The User will have the option to choose and indicate his/her own access Password. The User will not be able to choose the User Name other than being a valid e-mail address, through which he/she will communicate with CAMPUSSING.

Use and Custody

The User undertakes to make a lawful and diligent use of the Access Key, as well as not to make the Access Key available to third parties.

The User undertakes to inform the CAMPUSSING Webmaster as soon as possible of the loss or theft of the Access Codes, as well as of any risk of access to them by a third party. 

The Access Key may only be used by the Users to whom it has been assigned. CAMPUSSING is exonerated from any kind of liability that may arise from damages caused or suffered by the fraudulent use or lack of diligence in the custody and safekeeping of the Access Key, loss or use contrary to the provisions of these Terms.

User Termination

At any time you can request cancellation as a Registered User in the corresponding section of user cancellation, however, if you have any questions you can contact through the following email booking@campussing.com to request more information.


CAMPUSSING may offer services or products that may be subject to their own particular conditions that, depending on the case, replace, complete and/or modify the present conditions, and about which the User will be informed in each specific case. There are services that do not require shipments and some products offered that require this method of delivery. 

The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the services and products offered for sale are only indicative and do not commit CAMPUSSING in any way.


The published prices are in Euros and are valid except for typographical errors. All prices include VAT, any change of VAT rate will be automatically applied to the prices of the services or products on sale on www.campussing.com.

The price of each product or service will be the one stipulated at all times on our website, except in case of obvious error. Although we try to ensure that all prices listed on the site are correct, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of any of the products you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it.

The prices shown may be revised and modified at any time by CAMPUSSING. All sales are made with the corresponding invoice.

CAMPUSSING reserves the right to modify the offer of services presented on its website (modifications on products, prices, promotions and any other condition of the products and services offered) at any time.

CAMPUSSING makes every effort within its means to offer truthful information on its website without typographical errors. In the event that at any time there is an error of this type, at all times beyond the control of CAMPUSSING, we will proceed immediately to correct it.

If there is a typographical error in any of the prices shown and a User has made a purchase decision based on such error, CAMPUSSING will inform the User of such error and the User will have the right to cancel the purchase without any cost on his part.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, shipping, handling, packaging, insurance or any other additional services and annexes to the product purchased are not included. The price of the product, applicable taxes and shipping costs will be broken down at the time of purchase, so that the User can know exactly what each one corresponds to.

The prices applicable to each product will be those published on the website, and automatically applied by the contracting process in the last phase of the contracting process. 

CAMPUSSING reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Products will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time of purchase, except for obvious typographical errors.

Once the payment has been verified, CAMPUSSING will start processing the order or service.

For any information about the order, the User may contact CAMPUSSING’s Customer Service by e-mail booking@campussing.com


If the cancellation of the order for the provision of the service requested to CAMPUSSING arrives before the payment of any expenses or Administrative Fee or before starting the services, the User will not have to bear any cost. In the case of a cancellation after any charges have been made, the User will have to bear the costs incurred.

Depending on whether or not expenses have been incurred, the amount will be refunded using the same means of payment used by the User, the amount of the corresponding Reserve Funds.


The invoice will be issued, with the data that have been provided for it, once the payment of the order is confirmed and the order is received and managed. You can obtain the invoice in the following ways:

  1. Download in your personal area.
  2. Sending to your e-mail address.

When placing the order, the User may freely choose to pay for the purchases he/she makes by means of the following options:

  • Bank Transfer: If you choose to pay by bank transfer (or deposit in account) you will be provided with an account number to make the payment, as well as the total amount to be paid. It is important that you indicate in the observations of the transaction the order number, as well as your name and surname.

The service will not be provided until the transfer is effective. If the money is not received within four days after the contract is signed, the service request will be automatically cancelled. 

  • Credit card: In order to provide greater security to credit card owners, they have included a three-digit number on their cards, called CSC, which serves as an identification code to verify the physical presence of the card during Internet transactions. This three-digit number is printed on the back of your card in the signature area. In order to prevent fraudulent credit card transactions, CAMPUSSING reserves the right to ask its Users for these control digits before sending the order.

Credit card fraud is a crime and CAMPUSSING will prosecute anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our online store. CAMPUSSING follows up on every transaction and will use all means available by law to ensure that those who make fraudulent purchases are punished by the authorities.

By using your credit card as payment method and clicking on “Buy and proceed to payment” you are confirming that the credit card is yours.

Credit cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the credit card issuer, but if the credit card issuer does not authorize payment, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery and will not be able to enter into any contract with you.

  • Paypal: It is one of the most used systems on the Internet for credit card payments. It is a totally secure transaction. The data entered at no time are displayed or stored by us, since the entire process is done in Paypal’s own servers. More information at www.paypal.com.


These General Conditions of Use shall be governed by Spanish law. In case of litigation regarding the interpretation, execution or validity of these General Conditions of Use, the Courts and Tribunals of CAMPUSSING shall have jurisdiction. 

Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the settlement of consumer disputes online, CAMPUSSING also informs you that, in case of dispute, Users residing in the European Union may turn to the “Online Dispute Resolution Platform” developed by the European Commission, in order to attempt to settle out-of-court any dispute arising from the provision of services by CAMPUSSING. 

To access the “Online Platform for Dispute Resolution” you can do it through the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ 

You can make any claim through the following link: https://www.campussing.com/en/contact/

In any case, CAMPUSSING informs the User that it has complaint forms through which you can make any complaint or claim in relation to the services provided by CAMPUSSING.



The User shall provide CAMPUSSING with all the information and documentation that in its opinion are necessary for the proper and efficient provision of the Service. 

The information and documentation will be sent by the User to CAMPUSSING by e-mail. 

The User represents and warrants that he/she is duly authorized and empowered to submit the documentation and information provided to CAMPUSSING, and shall hold CAMPUSSING harmless from any third party claim due to the access to the information or documentation submitted by the User or at his/her request. 

CAMPUSSING will not be responsible in any case for the consequences that may follow for the User for the fact of having sent untruthful, inaccurate or incomplete information or documentation, or obtained without legitimacy or fraudulently, in addition the User will not be able to request the total or partial refund of any amount.

In the event that the User decides to terminate the service contract once it has commenced, the User shall be obliged to pay CAMPUSSING the fees and expenses accrued to date.


In the cases in which CAMPUSSING needs to send documentation by ordinary mail, the User will be responsible for the appropriate expenses, the User will be informed of the cost so that he/she can pay for it and then the documentation will be sent.

Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the carrier has placed the products at the disposal of the User and the User has signed the delivery receipt document. It is the User’s responsibility to check the products upon receipt and to state any reservations and claims that may be justified in the delivery receipt document.

CAMPUSSING will send the products by the means it deems appropriate to fulfill its commitments.


Los gastos de envío se muestran antes de finalizar la compra. Usted debe indicar el país donde serán entregados los productos, automáticamente se le mostrará el cargo a pagar. 


There are several types of accommodations, and an initial or full payment is required to make a reservation.

Once a reservation has been made, we will confirm it to the User by e-mail within a maximum period of 24 hours. If the reservation is not confirmed by the owner within this period, it will be understood as “not confirmed”, releasing CAMPUSSING from any pre-authorization on the payment of the User, if applicable.

Subsequent to this reservation, you should know that CAMPUSSING is not part of the contract of accommodation and lodging that you have to sign with the owner of the property not being part of it nor assuming any responsibility for its execution and development. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CAMPUSSING is authorized by the owner to receive payments from you in order to accept and process the reservation.

Cancellation policy:

Each accommodation may have its own specific cancellation conditions, which are detailed in the product or accommodation file, in addition to the general conditions specified below:

If the User requests the cancellation of the reservation, before the confirmation by the owner, it will be understood as “not confirmed”, releasing CAMPUSSING from any pre-authorization on the payment of such User, if applicable.

If the User requests cancellation when the reservation has already been accepted by the Owner and confirmed by CAMPUSSING and before the check-in date, the following policy will apply:

  • If there are more than 60 days to check-in, CAMPUSSING will apply a penalty of 25% of the total price.
  • If there are less than 60 days to check-in, CAMPUSSING will apply a penalty of 80% of the total price.

If the User requests the cancellation when it has already been accepted by the owner and after the check-in date (within 48 hours after check-in), the following procedure will be followed:

  • If the cause is not justified, a 100% penalty will be applied.
  • If the cause is justified, all amounts will be refunded.

For these purposes, just cause shall be understood as the following reasons:

“The accommodation is not what I contracted for.”

“The accommodation is what I have contracted for, but it is not habitable.”

The User must send a letter to booking@campussing.com requesting the cancellation and explaining the reasons for the cancellation, as well as attaching evidence of the reason given.

In case CAMPUSSING considers that one of the justified causes is applicable, the Owner will not receive any amount for the reservation and CAMPUSSING reserves the right to remove the Owner from the Platform if the reason is exclusively attributable to the Owner.

If the cancellation is due to causes attributable to the owner (for example: the apartment is in poor condition or does not meet the conditions of habitability) the User may choose to be placed in another similar accommodation or to be refunded the amount of the reservation.

In no case shall the cancellation proceed if the User and the owner have already formalized the corresponding accommodation contract.


We inform you on behalf of the owner that, as a User, you are responsible for leaving the accommodation in the condition in which you found it when you arrived. You accept and agree that, as a User, you are responsible for your own acts and omissions and are also responsible for the acts and omissions of any person you invite, or otherwise provide access to the accommodation. In the event an owner claims otherwise and proves the occurrence of damage, you agree to pay the cost of replacing the damaged items with equivalent items. After being notified of the claim and given forty-eight (48) hours to respond, payment will be charged and collected through your chosen payment method.


Each of the transfers offered by CAMPUSSING on the Website are subject to certain specific conditions, which Users may consult in the description of the transfer in question, or in the confirmation email sent to them by CAMPUSSING when they have made the reservation. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Users must take into account the following points: 

  • Private service: The transfer service offered by CAMPUSSING is private, so the vehicle can only be used by the Users who have contracted this service.
  • Seats in the vehicle: The number of seats indicated on the Website is the maximum number of people that can travel in the vehicle in addition to the driver. Please note that children occupy one seat as well as adults.
  • Modification of the reserved transfer: If the User wants to modify the transfer, he/she must write to the email booking@campussing.com, the price of the reservation may be modified. 
  • Stops on the contracted route: If the Users have to make a stop during the trip (for example, if the Users of the vehicle are staying in different hotels or have to pick up keys to enter their apartment), these stops will be charged with an economic supplement, depending on the city in which it is located. This supplement will be applied and must be paid at the time of booking or indicated in the notes so that payment can be made in advance.
  • Location of the destination: In case the destination address is outside the central area of the city, the transfer will be subject to an economic supplement.
  • Modifications of the agreed route: In case the User decides to make modifications in the agreed routes, there may be economic supplements on the route. These economic supplements will be the responsibility of the User and must be paid at the time of the request.


CAMPUSSING acts as an insurance facilitator between Users and insurance companies. The conditions indicated for each insurance shall apply. CAMPUSSING makes available to the User insurances with closed prices and conditions that are detailed in each product sheet.

If the User needs a customized insurance, he/she may request quotes from CAMPUSSING through the platform, if the quote and conditions provided by CAMPUSSING are accepted by the User, for its formalization the User must formalize the payment of such insurance through the platform or means of payment provided by CAMPUSSING.

The cancellation conditions are specified in each product sheet.


CAMPUSSING has the legal obligation to address to those Users who are linked as Users due to the contracted policy, in order to promote an adequate service adapted to their needs and characteristics.

For his part, the User acknowledges that he has read and expressly accepted the full content and the clauses limiting the rights of the Insured, contained in the General and Specific Conditions of the Product, as a result of the selection made and shown above. In these same terms, the User assumes that he/she is responsible for the veracity of the answers indicated in the contracting questionnaire, provided as a basis for the acceptance of the risk, the calculation of the final premium and the contracting of the policy he/she has selected.



CAMPUSSING makes available to the User the realization of translations with pre-established fixed prices. For those services that are not established or closed, the User must request a quote by sending the document through the platform. Once confirmed and accepted, the User must pay for the service so that CAMPUSSING can process the order. Once the work has started, there is NO POSSIBILITY OF REFUNDS for the service.

In the cases in which CAMPUSSING needs to send documentation by ordinary mail, the User will be responsible for the appropriate expenses, the User will be informed of the cost so that he/she can pay for it and then the documentation will be sent.

Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the carrier has placed the products at the disposal of the User and the User has signed the delivery receipt document. It is the User’s responsibility to check the products upon receipt and to state any reservations and claims that may be justified in the delivery receipt document.

CAMPUSSING will send the products by the means it deems appropriate to fulfill its commitments.


CAMPUSSING offers explicit guarantees on quality and delivery times.

If the User is not satisfied with a work, another version of the work will be proposed within the shortest possible time. If this second option also contains errors, he/she will be entitled to a partial or total refund. You will find below the conditions and modalities for expressing dissatisfaction with a work.

In case the delivery is made with a delay of more than one third of the established deadlines and in case the delay is directly or exclusively attributable to CAMPUSSING, we will refund up to 100% of the amount of the work.

Special conditions of the translation service

The present terms and conditions of the translation service apply to all work undertaken by CAMPUSSING for its Users.

The technical texts shall be accompanied by reference documents provided by the User or by drawings or plans that allow a better understanding of them.

The unit of calculation for a translation is the word in the source language, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing.

In no event shall CAMPUSSING be liable for translations which are not stylistically satisfactory. Especially in the case of advertising material, CAMPUSSING’s services are, unless expressly requested otherwise, limited to simple translation. CAMPUSSING is not obliged to write the text in an advertising style different from that used in the original text. Our liability, in any case, is limited to the amount of the invoice.

Any complaint will be considered only if it is received by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and, at the latest, within seven days after the total or partial delivery of the work(s). Any complaint must be accompanied by the original documents, the contested translations and a letter of explanation. Once this period of time has elapsed, the translation shall be deemed to be correct.

In case the User is not satisfied, i.e. in case a complaint has been filed within the time limit set, CAMPUSSING undertakes, at its own expense, and within a time limit equivalent to one third of the time set for the order plus 24 hours, to deliver a new version of the requested translation. The quality of the translation will be assessed on the basis of the latter document in order to establish, in CAMPUSSING’s opinion, the amount of the reimbursement.

In the event of delivery with a delay of more than one third of the established deadlines, and in the event that such delay is directly and exclusively attributable to CAMPUSSING, CAMPUSSING shall be entitled to a reimbursement, to be defined by the parties, in the amount of up to 100% of the work delivered late.

In no case shall defects present in any part of the translation call into question the overall work. CAMPUSSING reserves the right to make changes in such a case.


CAMPUSSING or its respective suppliers make no warranties or conditions whatsoever with regard to the services offered, including any warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. In no event shall CAMPUSSING or its suppliers be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of right of use, loss of information or loss of profits, whether resulting from breach of contract, negligence, or any action in tort, arising out of or in any way connected with the performance of CAMPUSSING.


The contracting will be made through the CAMPUSSING platform.

CAMPUSSING may require for the conclusion of the contract the presentation of a written proof, the due authorization or the payment of an advance payment. 

Payment must be made in advance, full payment or 80% of the amount is allowed.

If the interpreter service is extended from the initially requested days and there is a possibility of service by CAMPUSSING, then the User must pay the amount established for the requested service in order to extend the service.

In the event that a User terminates the contract before the interpretation or translation service has been provided, the following provisions shall apply:

  • in case the termination of the contract takes place before 14 days prior to the agreed date for rendering the service, such compensation shall be equal to 50% (of the agreed price for the totality of the contracted services).
  • in case the termination of the contract occurs between 14 days and 7 days prior to the agreed date of performance of the service, such compensation shall be equal to 80% (of the agreed price for the totality of the contracted services). 
  • in the event of termination of the contract within 7 days prior to the agreed date of performance of the service, such compensation shall be equal to 100% (of the agreed price for the totality of the contracted services).

The User is entitled to prove that no damage has been caused to CAMPUSSING or that the damage caused to CAMPUSSING is less than the overall amount claimed as compensation. This does not affect the regulation of the right of revocation.