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Smart Campussing
Soon we will reward your trust!

What is Smart Campussing?

Smart Campussing is our loyalty programme and it has been design for you.

We are currently designing a programme designed to offer you savings solutions and benefits for trusting us. We want you to live up to our motto and make smart mobility when you travel to a Campussing destination or to a destination where our programme partners operate.

If you are a member of the programme you can take advantage and get benefits and hundreds of discounts on leading national and international brands that will allow you to save in your day to day life with the companies associated with the programme.

Unique advantages before, during and after

Get benefits and discounts throughout your mobility

beneficios billetes avión campussing
beneficios trenes campussing
Train tickets
beneficios hoteles campussing
Hotels and lodging
beneficios restaurantes campussing
Restaurants and gastronomy
beneficios idiomas y fomación campussing
Languages and education
beneficios gimnasios y deporte campussing
Fitness and sports
beneficios ocio tiempo libre campussing
Leisure and free time
beneficios telefonía campussing
beneficios movilidad electrica campussing
Electric mobility
beneficios viajes campussing
Trips and excursions
Compras y shopping campussing
beneficios salud y bienestar campussing
Health and wellness

Getting benefits throughout your international mobility has never been easier. There are two ways to become a member of the Smart Campussing programme. Firstly, if you have purchased one or more services from Campussing for a cost of 150€ or more, access will be automatic. As soon as we launch the programme, we will send you access to the programme which is currently being launched. If you do not purchase any Campussing services and you want to access the benefits of the programme, then you will need to purchase the Smart Campussing card which will give you access immediately.

More information

Smart Campussing

Our loyalty program designed for you to take advantage and enjoy your mobility even more, obtaining benefits, offers and discounts with the companies associated with the program. Live a smart mobility!


The program is made up of transportation companies (air, land and maritime), hotel, gastronomy and catering, sports, language and training, telephony, leisure and free time, textile, technology and healthcare companies. We work daily to achieve collaborations with other companies that bring you value and benefits.

Become a member

If you contract one or more services from the Campussing platform for a minimum value of 150€, you will have free and automatic access to the promotions, which will allow you to enjoy a wide range of benefits with the companies that are part of the program.

You can also become a Smart Campussing member without contracting any service on the Campussing platform, but in this case to access the benefits of the program you must purchase the Smart Campussing card and thus, you will have access to all the benefits of the program for one year, reserve it now!

Access to benefits

It is simple and automatic, as soon as you contract a service for the established minimum value or buy the card and register as a Campussing member, you will automatically receive an email with all the information and the discount codes that you can start using from that very moment.

What is the price?

You will have to check the price online because there are campaign periods in which discounts are applied on the base rate.

What is its validity?

The registration as a Smart Campussing member is valid for a period of one year from the moment of contracting and you will be able to use it during the period of validity in an unlimited way.

If you are going to carry out a short-term mobility or for a period of less than one year, you can also use it at the end and return to your country of origin under the same terms and conditions established by each company in the program.

Can I use it in several destinations?

Yes, the program is made up of local, national and international companies. Through the partner search engine, you will be able to reach the file of each member company of the program, where all the information and conditions of each member company are detailed.