Workshop for Presentations, Communications or Defences in English

This training workshop aims to offer students, researchers and/or professionals the opportunity to prepare themselves in a group to be able to face both the public presentation/defence of their work in English with confidence and guarantees of being able to do it with solvency, as well as to manage the question and answer session with serenity and confidence.

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Presentation1 Session

of 1 h 30 min

  • Presentation of the programme, the tools and the way of working that will be followed during the workshop.
Block 12 Sessions

of 2 hours

  • Basis (introduction and conclusions) and Visuals.


Block 21 Session

of 2 hours

  • Body: transitions.
 Block 31 Session

From 2h 30 min to 3 hours

  • Asking and answering questions.
 Global practice 1 Session

From 2 hours to 2 h 30 min

  •  Full presentation – question and answer session included.

*Sessions should be spaced out, ideally at 7-day intervals.


  • Know how to organise and conduct the oral presentation of a paper in such a way as to hold the audience’s attention and achieve its objectives.
  • Be able to present the information contained in a variety of graphics in a clear and effective manner.
  • Be able to respond to questions – both spontaneously and at the end of an agenda item – or, failing that, be able to manage the absence of answers in a natural manner.
  • Be able to ask questions regarding issues of interest to them.

Work development

  • During the sessions: the presentation of all those elements that are indispensable for the successful development of the tasks designed to achieve the objectives set for each session will take place. These explanations will be followed by practical exercises.
  • Between sessions: the student will carry out a task that recovers everything seen in the session and will send it to the trainer on a mutually agreed date.
  • At the end of each block: the achievement of the objectives set will be assessed on the basis of criteria that the student will be aware of beforehand.
  • At the end of the workshop: a closing session will be held in which participants will have the opportunity to put into practice everything they have learnt in the workshop. Their performance will be evaluated according to criteria of which the learner will be aware beforehand.


Being part of a training course involving other people, possibly specialised in other areas of knowledge, allows the learner to

  • to have the experience of communicating for and with unfamiliar people, whose speech the learner is not used to, which makes it closer to a real experience.
  • presenting in front of people from other areas helps to refine the expression given the need to make the contents easily accessible to people unfamiliar with the subject.
  • receiving questions from people from other areas of knowledge gives the opportunity to practice the ability to answer questions that we cannot anticipate and prepare in advance in an improvised but professional and reliable way.


It can be done in person or online.


  • If you want a face-to-face course and the Spanish city in which you want it is not included in the drop-down menu, do not worry, just indicate at this moment the Spanish province where the student who is going to take the course is located.
  • For face-to-face sessions that require the trainer to travel to the student’s home or workplace, the trainer’s travel expenses are included in the price for the first two sessions. If it is subsequently agreed that the remaining sessions will take place at the trainee’s home, these travel costs will have to be invoiced separately and subsequently after confirmation of the costs by Campussing and acceptance of the quotation.
  • If the student travels to our training centre, there will be no additional costs for travel, transport or other expenses.
  • If you do not live in Spain, the language training must be done online.
  • We recommend taking this course in online format, because it avoids wasted time and travel costs and because it has been absolutely proven that the online format achieves all the objectives of the programme in the same way as the face-to-face format.

Type of services

We provide you with a professional who can advise you and help you prepare in a foreign language:

  • Conferences
  • Presentation of final projects
  • Presentation of doctoral theses
  • Speeches
  • Any oral presentation you have to give in English

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