Vehicle registration application for temporary green plates

If you plan to import your vehicle from abroad, you must register it in Spain and while the ordinary registration is being processed, you must apply for the green plates within 60 days of its entry into Spain in order to be able to drive it legally.



If you are planning to import your vehicle from abroad, you must register it in Spain. The definitive registration plates are the white or ordinary plates, but if you do not already have them, you must first apply for the green plates in order to be able to drive foreign vehicles while the ordinary or temporary green plates are being processed.

European Union citizens must register their car in the country where the owner usually resides. To apply for a registration, we must go to the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico within 60 days of starting to use our new car in Spain. In addition, we must also go to an ITV station to apply for the Spanish Ficha de Inspección Técnica.

The process consists of first applying for a temporary circulation permit to circulate until we have all the papers in order, the green number plates, and for this we will have to justify that the vehicle we intend to register is our property. Likewise, in order to obtain the green number plates and subsequently the ordinary plates, we will have to pay the corresponding fees at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

If you wish, we can carry out this initial process of applying for temporary green plates from Campussing. By simply contracting this service as soon as we receive your application we will get started.


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