Temporary residence and work authorization for training and professional internships for non-EU nationals for employment and fixed term

This is a temporary residence and employment authorization for a fixed term requested by an employer or entrepreneur for the hiring of a worker for training and professional practices.

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The contracting institutions or companies based in Spain are responsible for activating this process of requesting a permit once there is an agreement with the candidate to be incorporated. From Campussing we can start this process and take care of it, coordinating with the hiring institution and the worker who will perform the training and internship, the whole process of formalization of the temporary residence and work permit.


The formal application for this procedure in case of granting provides a temporary residence and employment authorization for a fixed term requested by an employer or entrepreneur for the hiring of a worker for training and professional practices.


  • Not to be a citizen of a State of the European Union.
  • Not to be irregularly present in Spanish territory.
  • Not have a criminal record in Spain and in their previous countries of residence for crimes existing in the Spanish system.
  • Not to be prohibited from entering Spain.
  • Not to be, if applicable, within the period of commitment not to return to Spain that the foreigner has assumed when returning voluntarily to his/her country of origin.
  • To possess the qualification
  • That the national employment situation allows the hiring.
  • To formalize the contract of employment in practices or for the formation whose conditions of work adjust to those established by the in force regulations and that guarantee a continued activity during the period of validity of the authorization to reside and to work.
  • The applicant company must be registered in the Social Security system and must be up to date with its tax and Social Security obligations.
  • The employer must have sufficient economic, material or personal means for its business project and to meet the obligations assumed in the contract with the worker.
  • That the employer has acted diligently in order to guarantee the return of the workers to their country of origin on previous occasions.
  • That the duration of the activity has a maximum limit of twelve months.
  • That the worker undertakes to return to the country of origin upon termination of the employment relationship.


We will prepare all the necessary documentation in order to process the application, ensuring the proper preparation of the documents to be submitted by the employee or employer. Once prepared, we will submit all the documentation and make the formal request on behalf of the employer.

Campussing will be in charge of requesting from the parties the necessary documentation for each process, ensuring that they comply with the format and form as established by the Administration.


The application must be made at any time prior to entry into Spain. The term of resolution is established in 3 months days since the application is made and the Administration will notify the same to the worker and employer.

If granted, the worker will have one month to apply for the visa at the diplomatic mission or consular office of the demarcation or country in which he/she resides. The diplomatic mission will decide within 1 month of the visa application. Once collected by the worker, he/she will have to enter the Spanish territory within the terms established for them. Once in Spain, the employer will register the worker, who in turn must apply for a Foreigner Identification Card (TIE) if traveling to Spain for a period of more than 6 months.

He/she must apply for it within a maximum period of one month from the date of his/her registration with the social security.


Immigration fees are not included in the price of the service and will be paid separately. These fees are a personal expense of the foreign citizen who carries out an immigration procedure in Spain or of the contracting institution.

To facilitate the management and if you wish, we can pay them on your behalf beforehand, to avoid you having to travel, but you will have to reimburse the cost.

We can make the payment of all the fees necessary for the execution of the service, or you can pay them personally at the corresponding Spanish bank you work with. Therefore, if Campussing advances the payment of the fees, you will have to pay 1. the cost of the fee established by the Ministry + 2. the cost of the Campussing service for the payment of the fees.

Campussing service for payment of immigration taxes (1 service per tax)