Sworn translation of marriage certificate from English to Spanish

Sworn translation service so that you can have a marriage certificate translated into Spanish in the shortest time possible.


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    Sworn Translations must be submitted on paper and include at the end of the translation a certification stamp with the signature and seal of the Sworn Translator. The Sworn Certification must indicate: Mr. / Mrs. (name and surname), Sworn Translator of (language), certifies that the foregoing is a true and complete translation into (target language) of a document written in (source language). In (place), on (date).

    The seal of the Sworn Translator must appear on each page of the translation and include the name of the Sworn Translator, the legend “sworn interpreter of (languages)” and the Sworn Translator’s license number.

    What documents

    All documents that are required by an official authority such as the Public Administration, the Tax Agency, the INEM, the Police, Immigration, Registry, Notary, Judge or university institutions, must be written in Spanish, or otherwise be translated into Spanish by means of a Sworn Translation.


    We can obtain the sworn translation of any document you need in record time.


    Remember that in many cases it is convenient to obtain the legalization or Apostille of the document to be translated before performing the sworn translation. If you need it, we can help you to obtain such legalization as well.

    Through the so-called Hague Apostille, a country signatory of the XII Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents of October 5, 1961 (Apostille Convention) recognizes the legal effectiveness of a public document issued in another country signatory of said Convention.

    The single legalization procedure called apostille consists of placing on the public document itself, or an extension thereof, an Apostille or annotation that will certify the authenticity of the signature of public documents issued in a signatory country of the Convention and which are to be effective in another signatory country of the same. The signatory countries of the Apostille Convention therefore recognize the authenticity of documents that have been issued in other countries and bear the Apostille.