Return or exit program

Designed to support displaced persons at the end of their mobility or stay at their destination, as well as their institutions. The displaced person will have a professional team that will help him/her with all the formalities of departure and closure of all academic, personal, administrative and other issues that need to be done.


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This package of services simplifies, streamlines and guarantees the process of departure or return of the transferee to his or her country of origin or new destination while minimizing the impact on the transferee’s professional or academic performance. This program saves time and avoids worries at the time of the final relocation. Thanks to this service, both the employee who is leaving the country and his or her company, in the event that the company is responsible for the property, will be able to leave the property at the desired time. Among other things, the program includes the management of any necessary repairs to the property, the shutdown or cancellation of utilities or the recovery of the security deposit.

We provide a complete assistance during the whole process of departure, taking care of the notification to the owner of the departure, the inspection of the property and the help in case of breakdowns or damages in the real estate that have to be done for the recovery of the deposit and closing of the rental contract. Campussing also offers within this program the recovery of payments and cancellations that allow you to leave the property without additional complications.

The return program offers 3 blocks of coverage:

  • Administrative support: management of all the paperwork that needs to be formalized for the proper closing of the mobility.
  • Personal management: processing of all those formalities and cancellations of subscriptions, supplies, contracts or others that may be required.
  • Personalized attention: assignment of a personal assistant to resolve any incident that may arise during the closing process.


Services included

  1. Point of contact: assistance and advice prior to traveling and leaving the city of residence and the country: Our team will assist the beneficiaries by providing telematic support (email, telephone), which will allow them to satisfactorily set their departure on the right track. We will provide all the necessary information so that the beneficiary knows all the relevant information that must be taken into account so that he/she does not suffer incidents or forgetfulness.
  2. Orientation meeting and organization of the service plan with the client or with the transferee if the service is contracted by your company or by a third party: The transferee will have an online meeting, and whenever possible in person, with your Campussing assistant to detail the departure program to be carried out.
  3. Guidance and support with visa applications and necessary documentation at origin and destination: Act as a point of contact for bureaucratic and immigration issues, providing support with the formalization of formalities to be carried out in consulates and embassies in the city of departure.
  4. Guidance and support with the management of required insurances: We provide support to the beneficiary and guide him/her with the contracting of health insurance, health, death and return policies, which may be necessary when applying for a visa.
  5. Telematic and/or telephone attention to queries.
  6. Support in the organization of the trip to the new destination: We will inform the displaced person about the best options to travel to their new destination and, if necessary, we support the beneficiary with the reservation and management of airline tickets, hotels at the destination or temporary accommodation, in addition to coordinating the pick-up at the airport to which they are going.
  7. Transfer service from the beneficiary’s accommodation to the airport or station in the city, provided that the transfer takes place in the same city of residence of the beneficiary. In the event that the beneficiary travels to the airport or station of departure from another city, the transfer service is not included and should be budgeted separately in case of interest.
  8. Whenever the transferee travels to another Campussing destination, i.e. a destination where we offer mobility services, Campussing will offer the transferee, whenever required, assistance in finding temporary and/or permanent accommodation (apartment, residence or other).
  9. Your Campussing assistant will be in charge of formally informing the landlord that you are leaving the rented property.
  10. Cancellation of utilities: your assistant will cancel all utility contracts in your name, such as water, gas, electricity, ADSL, telephone or others.
  11. Closing and cancellation of bank account: Campussing will facilitate the opening of a bank account with no opening and maintenance costs, with the possibility, in some cases, that the account can be managed prior to your arrival at your destination.
  12. Cancellation of all the bills that you have in your bank accounts.
  13. If you have paid a deposit for the rental of your property, we will formally request the return of the total or partial deposit, as appropriate, arranging the refund by the means of payment that you indicate to us.
  14. We will ensure the payment of the last outstanding invoices so that you do not have any unpaid invoices that could cause you problems in the future. It is necessary to avoid that due to carelessness or ignorance the beneficiary is included in international registers of debtors.
  15. Processing of the deregistration: We will process the registration of the beneficiary in the census register, which is obligatory for all residents and beneficial for accessing basic services in Spain.
  16. Processing of the deregistration at the health center: we will process the application and registration of the beneficiary at the corresponding health center, according to his/her place of residence.
  17. Application for the European Health Insurance Card: We will help EU citizens with the application and obtaining of the European International Health Insurance Card if they are European citizens and travel to another EU country.
  18. We will help the beneficiary to provide the corresponding certificate of work life of their professional activities in the country.
  19. We will help with the application for the respective certificates of studies, internships or work, both for the beneficiary holder of the return service and for the members of his or her family nucleus (spouse and children). A total of 4 members of the family nucleus are included, in the case of large families where all members need to obtain these certificates, this point must be reevaluated in each case with the holder of the service.
  20. If a new travel insurance or other insurance is required, Campussing will assist the beneficiary with the processing of the same if necessary.


Once you sign up for this service and your request is formalized, your Campussing assistant will contact you to get started, plan and guide you with any questions you may have regarding the necessary mobility processes. We will inform you about the documentation you will need to have ready for your mobility, and where and how to request the ones you do not have. If we need documentation exclusively for the correct execution of the contracted service, you must provide it to us so that we can assist you in time and form.


  • Beneficiary service in Spanish and English.
  •  The attention will be provided during Spanish office hours from Monday to Friday.
  • The response to consultations will be given within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Expenses for the formalization of insurance, visas or others are not included.
  • Your mobility assistant, at your request, may ask you to make an internal inquiry so that Campussing can advance the payment of a file management fee, such as the payment of an immigration fee, the advance payment of a deposit to formalize an accommodation, an insurance or others… and provided that there is a written agreement between the parties, that is to say between the “Client” (you) and Campussing. In the event that Campussing agrees to make a payment in advance on behalf of the person on the move, and always in order to expedite a service, the client agrees to reimburse Campussing for the mobility allowance at the agreed time and in the agreed manner.
  • Alternatively, the interested party or institution must advance as a provision of funds the agreed amount that corresponds to its formalization.
  • The beneficiary will be provided with an email address for direct contact with the Campussing assistant and a Campussing contact telephone number for emergencies.


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