Registration of the marriage in the Civil Registry

Service consisting of registering your marriage in the Spanish Central Civil Registry.

From: 350,00


The registration of the marriage in the civil register attests to the act of marriage and the date, time and place where it is contracted. It is the means of proof that the marriage has taken place, being the title that legitimises the civil status of married. The marriage produces civil effects from the moment it is celebrated, and for full recognition of these effects it is necessary to register it in the Civil Registry.

The marriage celebrated before the Civil Registrar, Justice of the Peace, Mayor or Councillor delegated by him or before the Clerk of the Court shall be recorded in minutes; the marriage celebrated before a Notary shall be recorded in a public deed. In both cases it shall be signed, in addition to the one before whom it is celebrated, by the contracting parties and two witnesses.

Once the deed has been drawn up or the public deed authorised, each of the contracting parties will be given a copy accrediting the celebration of the marriage and the authorising party will send the same day an attestation or authorised electronic copy of the document to the Civil Registry for its registration, after the Civil Registry Clerk has qualified it.

The Campussing service includes all the necessary steps to carry out the registration in the Central Civil Registry correctly, as well as the accompaniment to assist the applicants.

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