Registration and deregistration at consulates in Spain

Foreigners who travel to Spain for a long stay, studies, or for a few months must register in the Consular Registry of their country, corresponding to the demarcation in which they are domiciled in Spain.

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Foreigners who travel to Spain must register in the Consular Register of their country, corresponding to the demarcation in which they are domiciled. Registration will allow them to renew their documentation, to prove that they are resident abroad and to participate in the electoral processes that are called in their countries, among others, as well as to request consular assistance in situations of need.

To register you must contact the Consular Office in whose demarcation you reside, prove your residence, identity and Spanish nationality with the corresponding documentation. If you wish, we can arrange this service for you in order to speed it up and organize it as quickly as possible.

It is very important to keep in mind that if in the future a resident abroad changes his/her address, he/she must inform the Consulate, so that his/her registration will be permanently updated.

Foreigners who are temporarily in Spain are advised to register in the Consular Registry corresponding to the place where they are as “non-residents”. We also advise Spaniards or residents in Spain who travel to countries at risk of natural disasters or suffering political instability, to register, so that in case of activation of emergency programs, the corresponding consular office can contact all of them.

Student info.

International students taking courses or traveling to Spain for a period of time are advised to register as “non-residents” at the corresponding Consulate.

Such registration will allow families to contact their relatives through the Consulate in case of need. It is also convenient to register in order to facilitate the replacement of the documentation in case of theft or loss of the passport, since the Consulate has all the elements to be able to document those who have been victims of passport theft (in this case, the theft or loss of the passport must always be reported to the local police of the country where the person is).

With his registration as a non-resident, the citizen can vote by mail in the different electoral processes.

Consular Disenrollment

Foreigners leaving their residence in Spain to another place abroad can request their cancellation in the Consular Registry. Upon arrival at their new place of residence, they must register in the Municipal Register or in the Consulate corresponding to their new domicile.

The Consular cancellation facilitates to the foreigners who return to establish their residence in their country of origin certain procedures in relation to the entrance in customs of their belongings, as well as of another type, reason why it is very useful to request it before finalizing their stay abroad. In addition, the certificate of the entire period of residence and registration in a consular jurisdiction serves as official proof of the entire time spent abroad.


Services included

  • We prepare for you all the documentation required for the processing of the certificate.
  • Guidance and assistance throughout the whole process, from the application to obtaining the registration.
  • Appointment request to be able to go to the corresponding office in your city of residence.
  • We request the appointment depending on your date of arrival in Spain and personal commitments, but always taking into account the legal deadlines that you have to meet to make your application in a timely manner.
  • We will keep you informed so that you do not forget to carry out this procedure and to coordinate the whole process. Book it now and don’t worry about it!


Once you contract this service and your order is formalized, your Campussing assistant will contact you to guide you with any questions you have regarding the documentation to submit, as well as to inform you of the whole process and ask you for the documents that we will need for the correct execution of the service.

Don’t worry, we will prepare and complete all the documents, forms and applications that need to be submitted in order to carry out the process correctly.  In addition, we will take care of requesting and coordinating the appointment for the registry with you and the administration, trying whenever possible, to make an appointment on a day and time that suits you.  We take care of everything!


Please note:

  • If from the moment of contracting the service in Campussing, to the moment of the application, the administrative processes change, the price of the service will remain the same.
  • The price established on the website for this service does not include the costs of immigration fees for those immigration services, in which the applicant must pay them for their formalization.


We offer two types of services, accompanied and unaccompanied:

  • Unaccompanied Consulate Registration: In which we take care of all the steps to organize your appointment at the corresponding registry, in addition to preparing all the documentation that you will later have to submit, so that we organize everything so that you do not forget any document or step and you are forced to return to the registry.
  • Accompanied registration or representation: in addition to organizing everything, on the day of the appointment your Campussing assistant will go to the consulate with you.
    Transfers: if you want a Campussing driver to pick you and your family up on the day of the appointment to take you to the appointment, we can pick you up at a meeting point, if possible at your hotel or home and take you to the office where the appointment has been arranged, as long as it is within the same city. At the end of your appointment we will take you back to the meeting point. This service must be contracted at a later date or through:


This service does not have any foreigner or local registry fees to be paid by the applicant.


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