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Profile & Level

The student requesting this university internship search service must have completed or be in the process of completing his or her undergraduate studies.

Therefore, by formally booking this service you are contracting our internship search service in Spain for university level training in the area of knowledge defined by you above, in the selectable fields of the service configuration.


We offer you two types of internships so that you can choose the one that suits you best according to your real needs. We offer you the possibility of providing curricular internships or extracurricular internships. At the moment of contracting the service you will have to indicate us in the options above the option you want us to look for for you.

What are the differences between these two modalities?

1.- Curricular Internships: These are internships that can be used as part of the study program of students who are required to complete them at some point during their studies in order to obtain their academic degree. Therefore, they can validate student credits since they are mandatory for students.

2.- Extracurricular Internships: also known as voluntary internships in companies. They do not belong to the study or academic plan and can only be requested when the student has passed 50% of the credits of his/her degree, although this percentage may vary depending on the student’s academic institution. They are voluntary and, therefore, they are exempt of convocation and final grade.

If your internship is a curricular internship we can help you and coordinate with your home and host institution the type of internship you need to complete so that your stay and internship in Spain can be validated with your academic institution. If you select this modality we can help you organize that the internship is designed based on the requirements that your Institution asks for, such as supervisions, reports, the hours of internship to be completed, the competencies and academic objectives to be evaluated, etc.

Campussing can therefore be a vehicle and a link of union and coordination between the sending and hosting Institutions and the beneficiaries of the internship. Campussing will do everything possible to facilitate the process but cannot force the academic institutions of origin to collaborate if they do not wish to or understand that it is useful for their community. Campussing undertakes to facilitate at all times the coordination of the internship at the host institution at the destination and to mediate in everything that is necessary, given that this institution is selected by Campussing for the applicant or beneficiary of the internship.

In the case of voluntary or extracurricular internships it is not essential to have these requirements defined or clear beforehand since they are more focused on gaining experience in the sector you want and are not validated or serve to obtain a degree but to gain international professional experience that will help you improve your resume and have more opportunities for the future.


Campussing can help you find internships for periods from 1 month to 12 months.

You tell us the duration you need and we will find the internship in the sector and training level requested. You can also tell us some of your preferences such as:

The preferred time period in which you would like to do the internship. That is to say, you can organize the internship according to your academic calendar to do the internship during the summer or winter vacations or other personal plans you have. So we look for the best time for you to do your internship whenever possible, because sometimes, due to the time needed to process permits and documentation, supply and demand, vacancies and availability of the host companies, this is not possible.

  • The Spanish city where you preferably want to do your internship. Taking into account that Campussing will work to find as first option internships in your preferred city this is not always possible. If you contract our service we will do our best to find internships in the city you indicate but if this is not possible, you will have to accept to do them in an alternative city where the internship you request is available.

For your reference:

  1. If you need to carry out a mobility that validates between 98 and 112 practical hours that, in some cases are necessary to obtain for example a “mention”, you should know that this implies a mobility of between 14 and 16 weeks or what is the same between 3 and 4 months. Therefore, in the completed internship application form that you must send us, you must indicate the number of teaching hours that you must complete in order to validate your studies or that you consider necessary for your professional development and interests.
  2. If, for example, you wish to take advantage of your summer or winter vacations established by the academic calendar of your country, you must indicate in the form which is the period of vacation in which you would like to do the internship by indicating it in your answer.

Services options

We offer you two types of services, one that is limited to finding the internship you need in Spain and a second service that includes the search for the internship and comprehensive support for mobility to Spain through the assignment of a personal assistant who will help you throughout the entire mobility process, from the time of hiring the service in your country of residence, until your incorporation in the institution of destination including the completion of all procedures and mandatory legal requirements and necessary, with accompaniment, in the city of destination.

Depending on your needs, you choose the option you are most interested in when configuring your service and we will get started accordingly. Below we detail the options we offer you.


This service consists of searching for the internship you wish to do in Spain, depending on the selection you make when configuring your service. If you choose this option, Campussing will only provide you with the internship placement in Spain. But this service does not include support with any aspects unrelated to the internship in question. Therefore, we will not provide support with questions or doubts about immigration and mobility issues.


This service includes the search for the internship you wish to do in Spain, as well as comprehensive support for mobility to Spain, with support from the beginning so that you comply at all times with all the legal requirements so that you avoid having to be going around in circles or making unnecessary queues, avoiding errors in the process and speeding up having everything ready with agility and without complications. It is in

Within the Option 2 internship search service with comprehensive support, we must differentiate between the comprehensive support service for EU citizens and support service for non-EU citizens. Depending on your nationality or country of origin the legal requirements to be fulfilled are different and therefore the work to be done by your Campussing assistant increases or decreases accordingly.

Both EU citizens and non-EU or non-EU citizens who travel to Spain for internships must formalize and comply with different legal requirements established by the Spanish Administration. There are more requirements and also more complex requirements that a non-EU or non-EU citizen must comply with, but EU or EU citizens also have to complete a series of immigration and local registrations upon arrival in Spain that are mandatory.

Many times, EU citizens think that traveling to Spain is as simple as flying and staying and sometimes they do not comply with legal requirements established by the Spanish Administration and are mandatory and that due to ignorance of the displaced person are not carried out.

By contracting the integral mobility support service together with the internship search service, Campussing will take care of telling you step by step which are the requirements you have to fulfill, which administrative steps you will have to take in your country of origin before traveling to Spain, which ones you will have to take upon your arrival in Spain and which ones will have to be fulfilled throughout your mobility. This service also includes support and assistance with the formalization of your legal immigration status before, during and upon your return. A Campussing assistant will guide you step by step through everything you need to do and will offer you a comprehensive service to answer any questions you may have.

It is important to remind European students coming to Spain, that they will also have to carry out several administrative procedures upon arrival in Spain and depending on different aspects and each case. For this reason we recommend hiring the 360° comprehensive support service that will help them.



360° Service

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Before traveling

  • The search for the internship.
  • An online interview with your Campussing mentor. Tell us your preferences.
  • Comprehensive help and support, from start to finish, with personalized attention.
  • Advice and support to obtain the visa and all the legal requirements you must comply with.
  • Online language course (Spanish / English), preparatory to what you need to know for your internship.
  • An information package: receive useful information and tips about the Spanish work culture and lifestyle, and much more.
  • Help with arranging a tailor-made insurance policy.
  • Help with identifying short or long term accommodation.
  • Preparation of all training and internship agreements.
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On arrival

  • Pick up at the airport and transfer to your accommodation.
  • 2 nights of accommodation are included upon arrival.
  • If you don’t have a long term accommodation for the whole stay at your arrival, we help you to find one.
  • Welcome meeting: so you can spend your first days in Spain with the help of the Campussing team.
  • Advice and support with legal formalities at your destination.
  • Help with opening a bank account.
  • Help with the census registration.
  • Help with the application for a social security number.
  • Help with the processing and formalization of your immigration permit and immigration procedures required for your profile in Spain.
  • Ayuda con la tramitación y formalización de tu permiso de inmigración y trámites de extranjería requeridos para tu perfil en España.
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  • Help with immigration procedures so that you are up to date and reside legally at all times.
  • Accompaniment to immigration appointments.
  • Travel bag.
  • In some cases monthly financial assistance.
  • Supervision visits: you will have periodic supervisions with your internship supervisor and Campussing mentor to evaluate the progress you are making together.
  • Ongoing monitoring and supervision: you will have one-on-one sessions with your Campussing mentor to evaluate goals and progress.
    Regular internship evaluation reports.
  • 24/7 phone contact: if you have an urgent problem you can contact us at our emergency phone number at any time.
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  • Certificate of completion of internships.
  • Certificate of training and knowledge acquired.
  • Language certificate.
  • References from your supervisor and host institution.
  • Final Campussing Report

Search Service

icono retroceder        Before traveling
  • The search for the internship.
  • An online interview with your Campussing mentor. Tell us what your preferences are.
  • Comprehensive help and support, from start to finish, with personalized attention focused on the internship in Spain.
  • An information package: receive useful information and tips about the Spanish work culture and lifestyle, and much more.
  • Preparation of all training and internship agreements.icono pause

On arrival

  • Welcome meeting with the host institution where you will do your internship.
  • Coordination of the incorporation with the host institution.
  • Formalization of documentation between the parties.
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  • Travel allowance.
  • In some cases monthly financial support.
  • Supervision visits: you will have periodic supervisions with your internship supervisor and Campussing mentor to evaluate the progress you are making together.
  • Ongoing monitoring and supervision: you will have one-on-one sessions to evaluate goals and progress.
  • Regular internship evaluation reports.
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  • Certificate of completion of internships.
  • Certificate of training and knowledge acquired.
  • Language certificate if applicable.
  • References from your supervisor and host institution.
  • Final Campussing Report

University Areas

How to hire it

Step 1 – Get informed: Read carefully the complete description that we offer you in the tabs of this product and that contain all the information about the internship service.

Step 2 – Know the budget and cost of this service: Once you have read and know all the information, if you want to hire our personalized internship search service, go to the top and configure your internship request service by selecting the corresponding options in the drop-down menu of the product. This way you will be able to know the cost of the service you want and need.

Step 3 – Contract it: If you want to formalize the product, first load your configuration and budget in the cart of the service store and formalize your payment.

Step 4 – Complete the contracting form and sign the internship service request contract. Once you have made the payment and formal contracting of the service, you must send us the completed contracting form found in the last tab. It will be necessary to sign the internship service contract that Campussing will send you to be signed by both parties.

The conditions of the contract to be highlighted are detailed in the “conditions” tab that you can see below. In short, this contract means that if Campussing does not provide the requested service, we will refund the money paid minus 121 euros (VAT included) that you will have to pay in any case. This amount corresponds to the management costs of Campussing for starting the search of the internship and formalization of the service. On the other hand, the contract states that if Campussing fulfills the service and finds the internship you have requested but you finally refuse to accept it, you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation as Campussing has fulfilled the work for which you have been hired. To get an idea of the fundamental conditions in this regard, please read the terms and conditions included in the following tab.

Step 5- Contact your Campussing assistant: Once hired, Campussing will assign your Campussing assistant who will be in charge of organizing your request, planning the service and assisting you throughout the whole process. Your Campussing assistant will contact you within 24 hours (working days only) from the receipt of your payment confirmation to inform you and start the search.

Payment 6 – Don’t worry and wait for your assistant to confirm a vacancy: from this moment on, your Campussing assistant will take care of everything and will inform you of the vacancy or vacancies that he/she has managed to identify for you. If there is more than one vacancy that meets your application criteria you will have to choose one and if there is only one vacancy you will have to confirm its acceptance or not.

Step 7 – Formalization of the internship – Once we offer you the requested vacancy, the process and the internship must be formalized, reserved and closed for the applicant and the institutions or companies involved in the process, both in origin and destination.

Step 8 – Organization of the documentation and the mobility process: This is the moment in which all the documentation related to the internship to be organized between the parties will be organized.

Also, the organization of the mobility to Spain should start here. If you have contracted the internship search service option, i.e. the 360° Service, your Campussing assistant will tell you all the steps to follow in order to have everything ready in a very agile way. You don’t have to worry about anything, we will tell you everything you need to do and how to proceed at all times. And once at destination your assistant will not only prepare all the documentation to cover all the requirements but will also accompany you to carry out the corresponding necessary procedures.

If you have contracted the internship search service WITHOUT integral mobility support, it will be you or the intern who obtains the internship who will do all the paperwork on their own. In this case we will only formalize everything that is strictly related to the internship, not to the process of mobility to Spain, neither before, nor on arrival or during.

Contracting Form



    País de destino:

    Ciudad de destino:

    Tipo de prácticas:

    ¿Qué tipo de investigación te interesa?:

    Área de estudio:

    Duración de la movilidad que deseas:

    Cuándo te gustaría empezarlas:

    Adjuntar CV (máximo 4MB)

    In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that the personal data you provide through this form will be processed by Campussing, in order to manage your request and send you more detailed information.For more information, please consult the PRIVACY POLICY.

    I have read and accept the PRIVACY POLICY from the website of

    I wish to receive commercial communications about Campussing's services and products.



    • The selection that you make in the service configuration and that you load to the shopping cart and pay, will be considered the formal service request and service purchase order.
    • When configuring the service you will get a quote based on the selected options.
    • Once the payment of the contracted service has been made, the service will be formally started.
    • If the payment of the service has not been made, the service will not be considered as contracted and therefore, the internship search or hiring process will not start.
    • Once the payment of the contracted service has been received, your Campussing assistant will contact the applicant to verify all the information and start the search for the requested internship.
    • After the data verification your assistant will start the search and will inform you of the vacancy or vacancies as soon as they are identified.
    • As soon as we have the internships identified we will confirm all the information about them. Whenever possible and we have several options your assistant will inform you about the different options we have so you can choose the one you like the most.
    • If we only have one internship option that fits your request, we will offer you that vacancy and this will be considered as fulfillment of Campussing’s services.
    • It will not be a cause for penalty or claim if we can only offer an internship that fits your request. That is to say, by contracting this service you accept that as long as we offer you an internship that covers the characteristics requested in your request and selectable, we will have fulfilled your request.
    • Whenever possible and in cases where we only have one vacancy, Campussing may decide to accept in good faith to continue looking for an internship that fits your request, but if you have already been offered an internship and after rejecting it that internship is lost and no others are found, Campussing will not be responsible for this situation and not having another internship in time and form according to your request will not be grounds for a claim by the client towards Campussing.
    • If after being formally offered an internship or several internships that meet your needs and request, you refuse to accept any of the internships offered by Campussing, you will not be entitled to any compensation or refund of the contracted service.
    • If Campussing is unable to find the internship you requested or to make you a formal offer of an internship in Spain, Campussing will refund the service with the exception of 100€ (plus VAT) = 121€ which will not be refundable as it corresponds to management fees.
      In other words, if after days or weeks of searching for your internship in Spain, Campussing does not manage to provide you with the internship you want, the service will cost you 121 euros.
    • In this case, if Campussing does not get the internship requested by the client, Campussing will return to the client, by the same means used to make the payment, all the money paid for the service minus the 121€ which are not refundable.
    • The internship applicant confirms by contracting this service, to accept the conditions offered by the host institutions. Conditions that will always be established in a coherent, legal and fair framework. Campussing will never offer vacancies that are unfair, detrimental to the beneficiary or do not adhere to normal principles for these cases.
    • You are aware at the time of contracting this service that contracting the internship service does not ensure that the internship obtained will have a monthly financial remuneration.
    • By contracting this service you are contracting the search of a vacancy in the requested sector for your internship in Spain.
    • As long as you are not included in the vacancy, you will be responsible for the payment of travel costs to the internship location in Spain, whether by land, sea, air or any other means of transportation.
    • If Campussing obtains the internship you have applied for, but you are then unable to assume the travel, board, lodging or other personal expenses derived from your stay in Spain, Campussing will not be responsible for this situation and your inability to travel to the destination will not be a reason for reimbursement or cancellation. Therefore, in this case you will not be able to claim any refund.
      If this situation were to occur in a hypothetical case, Campussing would try to postpone or find an internship to take place after the initial date established, but if Campussing does not find an alternative, you, either the buyer of the service or the beneficiary of the service, if different, will not be able to claim any compensation from Campussing.
    • If Campussing obtains the internship, but you do not comply with the legal immigration requirements established by the Spanish Government, Campussing will logically not be responsible for it, and therefore it will not be a reason for Campussing to return, cancel or reimburse the service.

    Are the internships paid?
    Host companies or institutions are NOT obliged to offer remuneration. It is optional to establish a financial support to study during the internship period, unless this condition is included, in the case of curricular internships, in the educational cooperation agreement of the training center.

    Campussing always seeks that the student, parent or institution that hires our internship search service can amortize the investment made, therefore, the internships we offer, if they do not offer a fixed monthly remuneration, will offer a travel allowance or a mobility aid or in some cases, depending on the type of internship, will offer accommodation or meals. In this way we collaborate to facilitate the mobility of students traveling to Spain.

    There are vacancies that offer several options but due to several factors such as the duration of the internship, the host company, the sector of activity in which you will develop it and others, we cannot confirm the characteristics until the moment we find personalized places for your application. Keep in mind that our goal is that the internships are the most beneficial for our clients because this is an additional added value that will allow us to grow and position ourselves but we cannot assure or commit that the internships we find for you will have a fixed monthly remuneration or support throughout the internship period, therefore this will not be cause for penalty for Campussing or breach of contract.

    Please note that we will carry out a personalized search on your application, your indications and your needs and therefore we cannot commit ourselves to find an internship that suits your needs and that has a pre-established remuneration or mobility allowance.

    • For information and recommendation:
      We recommend that before hiring the internship search service, in any case, you have assessed whether you have enough money or economic cushion to travel to Spain and subsist during the months of internship execution even in the assumption that the internship we end up finding for you, do not have or involve a financial aid or travel bag. You should put yourself in the worst case scenario to find out if in any of them you would be able to travel and support yourself financially in Spain.If the beneficiary of the internship who must travel to Spain meets the academic requirements and has no criminal record or meets the minimum health requirements that are not detrimental to public health, it should not be a problem to obtain permission or visas to travel legally and perform the internship in Spain, whatever the nationality of the beneficiary of the internship, whether an EU or non-EU citizen.


    With the reservation and contracting of this service you are paying the cost of management for the opening and implementation of your file plus the cost of the service you require from us.

    Performing a customized search tailored to your request and requirements involves a great deal of work on our part that must be covered from the beginning to ensure that once the requested work is done the service is paid for. We cannot perform this work at risk, and therefore the client must make full payment in advance.

    When you set up your service through the product selectables, you get an online quote on the spot and that will be the total cost for the service required. The quote you get at that moment includes two items:

    1.- The management cost for the opening and start-up of your file, which amounts to 121€ (VAT included).

    2.- The cost of the service successfully completed, which is equal to the total amount you pay for hiring our internship service, discounting the 121 euros of the management cost for the opening.

    Therefore, of the total amount you pay when you formalize the contracting of your service, there are 121 euros (VAT included) in concept of opening and start-up costs that you pay at risk and that are non-refundable, even in the hypothetical case that we do not find the internships you have asked us for. To carry out an exhaustive and conscientious search for internships implies management costs that we alone cannot assume 100%. Therefore, the client must assume the risk of 121 euros.

    The internship search service is a very useful and exclusive service and must therefore be paid for in full in advance.

    If Campussing is not able to provide you with the requested internship, then Campussing will refund the money you have paid for the internship minus 121 euros. In short, by contracting our service you are assuming the risk of 121 euros so that we can provide you with a simple, worry-free internship in Spain.

    We consider that to assume 121 euros is not to assume a risk but to make an investment, because having an international experience in Spain like the one we offer you and the return it will bring you is priceless.

    As an example:

    In the hypothetical case that you pay for formalizing your internship search service 1.121€ (VAT included since all our prices include VAT) the breakdown of what you paid would be:

    1.- 121 euros for the management costs for the opening and setting up of your file.

    2.- 1.000€ for the search service or for the 360° service successfully contracted.

    If we are not able to offer you the vacancy you have requested, we will refund you 1.000€ by the same payment method you have used.

    We make this breakdown to make the procedure clear and to be clear at all times. Our goal is to get you the internship but we must tell you in advance what would happen in case we are not successful. With this in mind, it is now up to you to decide whether or not to go ahead with the hiring of the service. Thank you very much for trusting us.