Personalised service to find Travel and Accident Insurance for Spanish university students travelling abroad

Complete and economical accident and travel assistance insurance for Spanish students travelling abroad for study mobility at an academic institution.

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Contract online our personalised insurance search service and we will help you to obtain your insurance quickly and easily. Confirmation and issue in a maximum of 72 hours and up to 24 hours (with express service), as long as the user complies with all the legal conditions established by the insurance company.

The best option to be covered by a leading company in the country of destination and the real security of being protected throughout your mobility. Enjoy it from your country of origin to your destination, from the moment you start your mobility, until you are back home.

This insurance is designed to protect Spanish university students in their international academic mobility abroad.  We can coordinate the processing and issuing of an insurance policy with a single policy that includes a set of guarantees that make it very complete with a very good value for money. You will pay the same for the minimum period (1 day) as for the maximum period (12 months) that is required to take out this insurance as it has a flat rate that covers you for up to 365 days. We therefore recommend that in this case you request the maximum period when booking your insurance management service.

You have the possibility of including additional coverage packages that are not included in the standard insurance, such as:

  • The holiday pack if you are in your country of destination where you will be travelling for pleasure and you travel to any other country for a few days of holiday.
  • The risk sports pack, so that if you do sports such as surfing or other sports, you are covered.
  • Or the additional medical expenses pack to increase your medical expenses cover if you are travelling to a country with very expensive medical expenses.



Vacation Pack

If once you are at your academic destination you want to travel anywhere else in the world, the VACATION PACK gives you the option of being covered with the same guarantees and travel with peace of mind.

You can take it out now or later, although our recommendation is that you have it from the start as it is a flat rate, i.e. the same price for a few days as for the whole period of mobility and validity of the insurance.

Additional information (for information only):

By contracting this optional pack, the following coverage will be extended:
– Non-academic (holiday) trips of up to 30 consecutive days that the insured person makes from his/her country of academic destination to any country in the world during the insured period are covered.

– Once the academic stay has ended, cover during the 30 days following the end date indicated in the contract, for the non-academic (holiday) trip that the insured person makes from his country of destination (maximum 30 consecutive days).

– This extension is not valid for trips made to the insured person’s country of origin or nationality.

Sports Pack

If during your academic stay you are going to do any high-risk sport such as surfing, skiing, …., not included in the list of sports covered by the policy, take out this pack to guarantee your health care.

You can take it out now or at a later date, although our recommendation is that you have it from the beginning as it is a flat rate, i.e. the same price for a few days as for the whole period of mobility and validity of the insurance.

Additional information (for information only):

The following additional covers are included:
– Interruption of sporting activities up to 500 €.
– Hyperbaric chamber expenses up to 5.000 €.
– Sports luggage guarantee up to 3.000 €.
– Delay in delivery of sports luggage up to 150 €.
– Search and rescue expenses up to 5.000 €.
– Home help (only for residents in Spain) up to 20 hours.

Sports covered:
Cycling, horse riding, zip wire, sailing, sailing, sports ghymkana, archery, surfing, windsurfing, orienteering, water skiing, pleasure boating, hiking.

Diving (scuba diving): depth according to the limit of qualification of the insured person with a maximum of 30 metres or under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor. In the event of a claim and if the insured person is not under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor, accreditation of his qualifications will be required.

Skiing, snowboarding, monoskiing and sledging, as long as they are carried out on correctly marked and marked ski slopes.

Medical Expenses Pack

Are you travelling to a country where health care is very expensive and you don’t want to worry about insufficient medical coverage? Take out this extension and your medical expenses will be increased to 5,000,000 euros. Your safety and protection are the most important thing.

If you want this pack, remember that you must contract it at the same time as you take out your initial basic insurance.

This pack CAN ONLY BE CONTRACTED WHEN YOU CONTRACT YOUR INSURANCE, so if you are interested you must select in the drop-down menu “YES I wish to include this pack”.

IMPORTANT: once you finalise the purchase it will no longer be possible to include it.

Payment and booking

The booking of this service on the Campussing platform becomes effective upon receipt of payment in our account. The price indicated on the website includes VAT or taxes corresponding to the country in which the service is provided.

Cancellation and refund policy:

This product does NOT contemplate the possibility of cancellation or refund.