Repatriation insurance

Personalised service to find Repatriation insurance to country of origin

Repatriation insurance to the country of origin for all those displaced persons who move to Spain. Know the budget for an annual period, the reservation of this insurance is for a fixed period of 365 days renewable. Do not forget to indicate the starting date.


Clear dates


Contract online our personalised insurance search service and we will help you to obtain your insurance quickly and easily. Confirmation and issue in a maximum of 72 hours and up to 24 hours (with express service), as long as the user complies with all the legal conditions established by the insurance company.

The best option to be covered by a leading company in the country of destination and the real security of being protected throughout your mobility. Enjoy it from your country of origin to your destination, from the moment you start your mobility, until you are back home.

Insurance valid for

  • Spain
  • Spain and Schengen area
  • Foreigners (Spaniards travelling to Europe or the rest of the world)