Personalised service to find Health, travel and stay insurance valid for the whole world

Complete and economical health, travel and stay insurance for students and young professionals who are going to make an international mobility in Spain. We help you to formalize it, book our help service with the price of your insurance already confirmed in advance and we formalize everything for you. It is fast, easy and safe.

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Contract online our personalised insurance search service and we will help you to obtain your insurance quickly and easily. Confirmation and issue in a maximum of 72 hours and up to 24 hours (with express service), as long as the user complies with all the legal conditions established by the insurance company.

The best option to be covered by a leading company in the country of destination and the real security of being protected throughout your mobility. Enjoy it from your country of origin to your destination, from the moment you start your mobility, until you are back home.

Insurance valid for

  • Spain
  • Schengen area
  • Foreigners (Spaniards or residents in Spain traveling to Europe or the rest of the world).


  • Medical expenses
  • Repatriation and early return
  • Baggage theft and damage
  • Accidents
  • Displacement of a family member in case of hospitalization
  • Loss of classes due to accident
  • Loss of tuition due to accident
  • 24h. emergency phone number
  • Civil liability
  • Legal assistance


Services included

  • We prepare for you all the documentation required for the processing of the certificate.
  • Guidance and assistance throughout the whole process, from the application to obtaining the registration.
  • Appointment request to be able to go to the corresponding office in your city of residence.
  • We request the appointment according to your date of arrival in Spain and personal commitments, but always taking into account the legal deadlines that you have to meet to make your application in a timely manner.
  • We will keep you informed so that you do not forget to carry out this procedure and to coordinate the whole process. Book it now and don’t worry about it!


Please note:

  • If from the moment of contracting the service in Campussing, to the moment of the application, the administrative processes change, the price of the service will remain the same.
  • The price established on the website for this service does not include the costs of immigration fees for those immigration services, in which the applicant must pay them for their formalization.

Reservation and payment

The reservation of this service on the Campussing platform is effective upon receipt of payment in our account. The price indicated on the website includes VAT or taxes corresponding to the country in which the service is provided.

Cancellation policy:

This product may be cancelled up to one week in advance as long as Campussing has not started the formal processing of the product. Formal processing is understood as the moment in which we start the execution of the contracted service. Any management carried out, the sending of a personalized mail, a phone call, a displacement, the payment of a fee or other management carried out, will be sufficient proof of the beginning of the formal activity.


We offer flexible and fair conditions. Whenever applicable and contemplated in the cancellation policy we will proceed with the refund. In addition, if it is not contemplated, but we consider it fair and opportune, we will also proceed with the reimbursement. The refund will always be made by the same means that the payment was made.


Once your reservation is formalized, a Campussing assistant will contact you to formalize and request the necessary documentation to issue the certificate and contract.