Opening a bank account

Service consisting in coordinating the opening of a bank account in Spain in the shortest time. Service performed in the destination city in which you reside or to which you are going. An account with access through online banking, debit and credit cards if required and free of charge. So that you have everything ready upon arrival and in the shortest time and avoid having to make unnecessary detours.



Having a bank account is essential to formalize and speed up the formalities in the country of destination. The individual management and request of the same is not always agile for a foreign citizen. In addition to guiding you, we will expedite the opening of a bank account, so that you will have your Spanish bank account number even before traveling to Spain if possible.


As soon as you formalize this service, a Campussing assistant will contact you to confirm that we are getting started.

The service includes the account opening request and accompaniment to the bank if necessary. We also take care of the follow-up until the opening of your bank account is effective and coordinate all the appointments for its formalization.


We can request the opening of a bank account with any of the banks we offer you in the dropdown. If you already know the bank you want to open a bank account with, please indicate it in the dropdown or form.

If you do not know which bank is the most convenient for you, you can select the option “any” in the drop-down menu at the moment of the application and your Campussing assistant will recommend and process the most convenient option for you according to your profile, the city you are going to, and the most convenient banking conditions offered by the banks at any given moment.

Let's start

To proceed with the bank account application process, you must:

  1. Formalize payment for this service.
  2. We will need you to send us the following completed form:

    City where you will reside:

    Date of birth:

    Attach PDF (maximum 4MB), attach identification card, passport or documents that you consider of interest to process your application.

    In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that the personal data you provide through this form will be processed by Campussing, in order to manage your request and send you more detailed information.For more information, please consult the PRIVACY POLICY.

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