Obtaining the electronic or digital certificate

This service consists of obtaining your electronic certificate, which is a digital document that guarantees and allows you to identify people on the Internet in Spain, allowing you to carry out online procedures and formalities.



Our service consists of speeding up the application process and obtaining your certificate in the shortest possible time by knowing the procedure. Without accessing confidential or security data, we provide you with a Campussing assistant who will accompany you through the process, informing you of the steps to follow and, what is very important, accompanying you to obtain the appointment that you must attend in person to validate your identity. So that you can process it quickly without delays and have it operational as soon as possible.

The electronic certificate is a digital document that, as we said before, guarantees and allows you to identify yourself on the Internet. It consists of the identification data authenticated by the Tax Authorities or Social Security. Most importantly, it allows the electronic signature of documents quickly, easily and securely. The FNMT Digital Certificate for Natural Persons is the electronic certification issued by the FNMT-RCM that links its subscriber with Signature Verification Data and confirms their identity.

To obtain your electronic certificate you must:

  1. Perform a pre-application configuration.
  2. Obtain the application code online.
  3. Prove your identity in person at a Registry Office, for which you must request an appointment in advance.
  4. Download the electronic certificate.
  5. Obtaining a backup copy of the certificate.

If you would like us to help you apply for and obtain the certificate in record time, book this service and we will get started so that you have it as soon as possible. Book it and don’t worry, we’ll organise it for you!

Optional Service

We provide you with a Campussing driver who can pick you up and take you to your appointment. You can book it now or later by asking your Campussing assistant when he/she contacts you. You can choose the option of a round trip or a return trip. In this case your driver will wait at the door until you leave your appointment to take you to your home, office or a designated point within the city centre of your destination.

Campussing transfer service for appointments and formalities


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