Obtaining a Work and Residence Permit for Entrepreneurs in Spain

Temporary residence and work authorization for non-EU foreign entrepreneurs who wish to carry out their entrepreneurial and business activity in Spain.

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This permit is valid for entrepreneurs who develop an entrepreneurial and business activity, of an innovative nature, and believe that such activity is of special economic interest for Spain. If so, you can benefit from the residence regime for entrepreneurs.

There are two ways to apply for this permit depending on whether you are abroad and need to come to Spain to carry out the necessary procedures to start up the activity, or if you are in Spain and can start up the entrepreneurial activity we can obtain the residence and work permit whether the entrepreneur is in his or her country of origin or is already in Spain.

It is important that you take into account that in order to obtain this permit as an entrepreneur there are no minimum investment or job creation requirements, only that the evaluation of your project by the experts of the Directorate General for International Trade and Investment is favorable. They will evaluate, among others, the professional profile of the entrepreneur, his professional experience and involvement in the project, the business plan of the project and the added value it has for the Spanish economy.

Bear in mind that if you have a family, you will be able to travel with their direct relatives, for which they will have to apply for the corresponding residence permit either at the same time that the holder’s permit is applied for or at a later date. The entrepreneur may be accompanied by their spouse or common-law partner, children who are financially dependent on them and dependent ascendants.

Campussing processes in record time the applications for residence and work of entrepreneurs. Both initial residency applications and renewals, both the holder’s own and those of their dependents. We help you throughout the whole process, at origin and at destination, with the preparation of documentation, with the formal application for residence, management and processing of visas, fingerprinting for obtaining the Foreigners Identification Card (TIE) and with any incident that may arise or doubts you may have. We accompany you throughout the whole process assisting and expediting your application.

If you want to have a smooth experience with the formalization and obtaining of residence and work permits, but above all agile and professional, do not wait any longer, hire us and live a smart mobility!!!


Services included   

  • We take care of the whole process from start to finish, from the moment you hire it until you get it.
  • We prepare all the documentation required for the correct processing of the necessary permit.
  • We guide and assist you throughout the whole process, from the application to the resolution.
  • We request and organize all the necessary appointments and prior arrangements that may be required.
  • This service includes us making the formal application for this permit in Spain.  In those cases in which the procedure, for any reason, requires the application to be made in the country of residence of the displaced person, your Campussing assistant will advise you by providing online support (email/phone) throughout the application process.
  • In addition, we will take care of making all the necessary appointments in Spain to complete this procedure, trying, whenever possible, to organise these appointments according to your personal commitments.
  • We will keep a close eye on the status and monitoring of the process from the moment we start working until it is obtained.
  • Your Campsussing assistant will inform you of the steps to be followed at all times and coordinate the entire process, making the process and obtaining it quick and easy for you.


Book it now and don’t worry about it!!


Once you contract this service and your order is formalized, your Campussing assistant will contact you to guide you with any questions you may have regarding the documentation to be submitted, as well as to inform you of the whole process and ask you for the documents we will need for the correct execution of the service.

Don’t worry, we will prepare and complete all the documents, forms and applications that need to be submitted to complete the process correctly.  In addition, we will take care of requesting and coordinating the necessary appointments with the administration, trying whenever possible, to make an appointment on a day and time that suits you.  We take care of everything!


Please note:

  • This service includes accompaniment on the day of the appointment to guide you through the entire process and to make the presentation of the correct documentation.
  • Your Campussing assistant will be waiting for you at the appointment site to assist you at all times in English or Spanish. It is perfect if you do not speak Spanish because we will help you communicate with the administration officials. If you need us to assist you in another language, you can request it but this will have an additional cost.
  • The price established on the web for this service, does not include the costs of immigration fees that must be paid separately by the applicant (See section Fees).


Optional services

  • Payment of immigration fees: if you want us to pay the fees for this process, which is a mandatory and personal requirement to process the certificate, you must pay them in advance. If you want us to pay them on your behalf, you must include the Campussing Service for payment of fees (1 service per fee). If you include it we will advance the payment of the corresponding fee and once paid you will have to reimburse us the cost of the fee.
  • Transfers: if you wish, on the day of the appointment your Campussing assistant can also pick you up at a meeting point, if possible at your hotel or home and take you to the office where the appointment has been made. The transfer service to immigration appointments includes the pick up at the meeting point and the transfer to the place of the immigration appointment in the city of residence. At the end of the service you will be taken back to the meeting point.


Campussing service for payment of immigration taxes (1 service per tax)


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