Obtaining a Resident Zone or Regulated Parking Card

The resident’s permit allows parking within the neighborhood without time limit in green parking spaces and blue parking spaces according to the timetable established in each case.



The resident authorization is granted to the natural person registered in a domicile located in a neighborhood in the area delimited by this regulation. In Madrid, for example, this regulated parking service is called SER, but there are others such as ORA or others depending on the provincial capital in which we reside.

Exceptionally, the individual registered outside the city of Madrid who is temporarily residing in an address in the SER area can obtain a permit for a maximum period of one calendar year (temporary resident), on the road delimiting one neighborhood with another, parking is allowed on both sidewalks.

If you want us to process your resident permit, you only have to contract this service and as soon as we receive the request we will get started. Remember that if you do not process the SER you will not be able to park your vehicle in the neighborhood, and you will be fined if you park for a long time and you do not have the requested signage. This service includes the preparation of the documentation, organization of the appointments, presentation of the application and verification. We have several ways for you to provide us with the documentation we need, which will be explained to you by your Campussing assistant as soon as he contacts you to arrange the service. If your presence is required to attend, we will let you know in time so that you can attend the appointment together with your Campussing assistant. What are you waiting for, request it now and don’t worry!


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