Obtaining a large family card

Official document, valid throughout Spain, which accredits the status of large family, once the requirements for such recognition have been met.



The large family card brings many benefits and savings to large families in different sectors:

  • Benefits in terms of transport.
  • Benefits in terms of education.
  • Benefits in terms of housing.
  • Social benefits.
  • Benefits in leisure and cultural activities.
  • State benefits.

A large family is a family that is made up of: – One or two ascendants with three or more children, whether or not they are common. – One or two ascendants with two children (joint or not), and at least one of the children with a disability or incapacity to work.

If you would like us to process your application for a large family card, please do not hesitate to book this service. As soon as we receive your order, a Campussing assistant will contact you to start the process without you having to travel. It is fast and secure and will undoubtedly bring you many benefits.


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