Obtaining a declaration of entry

This is to obtain the document accrediting the entry into Spain of non-EU citizens who are required for the correct processing of their immigration permits.

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If you are in Spain as a temporary resident or long-term resident and you are going to travel or have travelled to your country of origin for a period of time, you must make sure you obtain the entry declaration when you return to Spain, in order to be able to justify, if necessary, the time you have spent abroad and your return to Spanish territory, avoiding that the lack of justification may cause you future problems with the processing of your immigration permits and legal stay.

The declaration of entry to Spain will be necessary when you are coming from a country with which Spain has an agreement to eliminate border controls or to stamp your passport or travel document, for example, if you are coming to Spain from a non-EU country (Australia), making a stopover in a European Union country (Italy), on arrival in Spain, the Spanish authorities may not stamp your passport because they understand that it had already been checked in the previous European country.

If, on arrival in Spain, the entry stamp is affixed to your passport, there would be a record of your return to Spanish territory and it would not be necessary to make the entry declaration. However, if the authorities do not stamp your passport, you could run into problems if your entry is not accredited. You should therefore apply for it.

The entry declaration must be made in person at the time of entry at the police post at the border. If there is no such police post, the entry declaration must be made at any Police Station or Aliens Office within 72 hours from the time of entry.

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