Obtaining a certificate of employment

Service consisting of obtaining your certificate of employment history, setting up the system so that you can apply for it in the future if you need it, i.e. teaching you the process and making you self-employed on future occasions when you are asked for it.



Your employment record is the official document that lists all the periods in which you have been contributing to the Social Security System, either as an employee or as a self-employed person.

This report lists chronologically all the companies with which you have signed employment contracts. In each case, the exact date on which each contract was registered in the Social Security System and the date on which it was cancelled, with the resulting balance of contribution days, is indicated. It also specifies the type of working day in each case: full or part-time.

If you need to obtain it and don’t know how, a Campussing assistant can help you obtain it quickly and easily, accompanying you throughout the process and establishing the channels so that if you need to request it again in the future, you can request it directly and easily. What are you waiting for, let us help you and live a smart mobility!


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