Obtaining a birth certificate

Service consisting of obtaining your birth certificate with which you can officially verify the existence of a birth, whether it occurred in Spain or abroad.

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A Birth Certificate is a document that is issued at the request of the interested party to carry out any procedure.

The Certificate certifies that the birth is registered in the Registry, normally it is an extract that gathers the essential data of the Birth Certificate: date and place of birth, name of the parents, etc.

Birth Certificates can be of 3 types:

  • Extracts: which only attest to the birth
  • Literal: which show data of the parents, date and time. This is the most common.
  • Multilingual: they are issued including another language for foreign transactions in countries covered by the Vienna Convention.

We offer two types of request, the standard and the express, the latter is a request that we make by a more agile way that allows to obtain certificates with greater agility. If you need your birth certificate and you do not know how, a Campussing assistant can help you to obtain it quickly and easily. Hire this service and don’t worry about it, live an intelligent mobility!


At the moment of birth, at the very moment of delivery, the medical team recorded the birth in the “Birth Certificate”. Today it is also known as a Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate the registration of this Act, made in the Civil Registry by an official at the request of the parents of their children.

A Birth Certificate is a subsequent document, which is issued at the request of the interested party in order to carry out any procedure. The Certificate certifies that the birth is registered in the Registry, normally it is an extract that gathers the essential data of the Birth Certificate: date and place of birth, name of the parents, etc.

Document Uses

The Birth Certificate is required for a multitude of procedures among which we cite as the most common examples, the application for the DNI or passport, the formalization of marriage or domestic partnership, access to a job abroad, obtaining a pension, separation of parents, access to an inheritance or enrollment in a school.

If you wish we can order it for you and send it to you, the normal service takes about 10 days but if you wish with a price increase we can process it urgently.


There are two optional additional services that are closely related to the request for a certificate or document that we can perform for you:

  1. Legalization of the document: if you are going to need the document legalized, we can obtain the legalization of the document as soon as we obtain the requested certificate. If you want us to process the legalization of this certificate, you can select it in the product drop-down above.
  2. Sworn translation: if you also need the sworn translation of the document we obtain and legalize, we can process it by standard procedure (within 5 working days) or by urgent procedure (between 24h and 48h) from the moment we obtain the legalized certificate. The price varies if it is standard or express service. If you are interested in both, please indicate it in the drop-down menu above. We can do the sworn translation into any language that has a sworn translation. Contract it now and don’t worry about it!

Hiring the legalization and sworn translation at the same time as the document request will significantly speed up the process allowing you to have it in your hands much sooner.


As soon as we receive your service request for the processing of obtaining a certificate, a Campussing assistant will review it and contact you to confirm that we will start with the processing, and if necessary request additional information or documentation.

We always try to complete the process in the shortest time possible because this benefits us, but since it is a process that does not depend entirely on us, but on the administration, we cannot specify the time to obtain the final document. Keep in mind that in these times of changes after the COVID19 pandemic, the procedures before the General Registries can take more than 4 weeks.

But if there is a team that will try to have it in the shortest possible time, that is the Campussing team, dedicated to the processing of documents that works constantly with the challenge of giving the fastest response to each process and get your document in the shortest possible time to meet internal objectives. “Walk doing it right and fast” is the motto of our local registry department.

Formalize the service

To contract this service formally and that we can make the arrangements with agility will be necessary to perform two steps:

  1. Contracting: load the service in your shopping cart and finalize the purchase.
  2. Information: complete and send us the “Obtaining birth certificate form” that you will find below.

If you complete only one of them, your Campussing assistant will have to ask you to complete the other one later in order for us to start processing it. But if you do both now, recruitment and information, you will speed up your process by making it easier for us since we will get started as soon as we receive your request.


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