Mobility of workers who hold an EU Blue Card

This is a residence and work permit that enables foreigners who hold an EU Blue Card issued in another EU Member State to carry out qualified employment in Spain.



The contracting institutions or companies based in Spain are responsible for activating this process of applying for a permit once there is an agreement with the candidate to be recruited. Campussing can set this process in motion and take care of it, coordinating with the hiring institution and the worker to be transferred the process of formalising the residence and work permit.


The formal application for this procedure in case of granting provides a residence and work permit.

If workers travel to Spain with their family members, it will be necessary to consult the information on family reunification procedures for them.


  • Not be a citizen of a State of the European Union.
  • Not be illegally present in Spanish territory.
  • Not have a criminal record.
  • Not be banned from entering Spain and not be refused entry into the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement to this effect.
  • Have resided for eighteen months as an EU Blue Card holder in another EU Member State.
  • That the national employment situation allows for hiring.
  • Present a contract signed by the employer and worker that guarantees the worker a continuous activity during the period of validity of the authorisation to reside and work.
  • The conditions set out in the employment contract must comply with those established by the regulations in force, and the gross annual salary must be at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary.
  • The applicant employer must be registered in the social security system and be up to date with its tax and social security obligations.
  • The employer must have sufficient financial, material or personal resources for its business project and to meet the obligations assumed in the contract with the worker.
  • Possess the training and, where appropriate, the professional qualifications legally required for the exercise of the profession.


We will prepare all the documentation necessary to process the application and ensure the proper preparation of the documents to be submitted by the employee or the employer. Once the documents have been prepared, we will submit all the documents and make the formal application.

Campussing will ask the parties for the necessary documentation for each process.


The application should preferably be made at any time prior to entry into Spain, although it can also be made within one month of the worker’s entry into Spanish territory.

The deadline for a decision is set at 45 days from the date the application is made and the Administration will notify the worker and employer. If the application is granted, the employer must register with the social security system and the worker must apply for the Foreigner Identification Card (TIE) within a maximum period of one month from the date of registration with the social security system.


Immigration fees are not included in the price of the service and must be paid separately. These fees are a personal expense for foreign citizens who carry out an immigration procedure in Spain. To facilitate the process and if you wish, we can pay them on your behalf beforehand, so that you do not have to travel, but you will have to reimburse the cost.

We can pay all the fees necessary for the execution of the service, or you can pay them in person at the corresponding Spanish bank you work with. Therefore, if Campussing advances the payment of the fees, you will have to pay 1. the cost of the fee established by the Ministry + 2. the cost of the Campussing service for the payment of the fees.