Legalization of foreign documents in Spain

Service consisting of obtaining the legalization of a document issued abroad and legalized in Spain so that said document can be validated in Spain.



This type of legalization is done through diplomatic channels. The most common documents that are legalized in this way are the following:

  • Certificates of faith of life and civil status.
  • Certificates of good conduct.
  • Certificates of residence and/or consular registration.
  • Certificates of nationality.
  • Affidavits.
  • Certifications explaining local legislation.
  • Certifications of not having received a scholarship or public subsidy, among others.

If you need to legalize any of these documents and they have been issued outside Spain, we can legalize them through diplomatic channels in an easy, comfortable and simple way for you. A Campussing assistant will take care of the whole process by contacting you as soon as we receive your order. Save time, money and a lot of headaches.


There is an optional additional service that is closely related to obtaining the legalization of a document through diplomatic channels that we can perform for you once the legalization has been obtained, this is the sworn translation:

  • Sworn translation: if you also need the sworn translation of the document that we obtain and legalize, we can process it by standard procedure (within 5 working days) or by urgent procedure (between 24h and 48h) from the moment we obtain the legalized certificate. The price varies if it is standard or express service. If you are interested in both, please indicate it in the drop-down menu above. We can do the sworn translation into any language that has a sworn translation. Contract it now and don’t worry about it!

Hiring the sworn translation at the same time as the legalization will significantly speed up the process allowing you to have the final documents much sooner to proceed with your legal procedures. Remember that it is advisable to have the sworn translation done after the legalization has been obtained so that it is validated in the document, since if you do not do so, the entity requesting the document may require you to have it translated again.

Consular fees

The legalization of a document via diplomatic channels has an associated fee which is the consular fee.

Consular fees cannot be confirmed at this time as they depend on the number of documents to be legalized, the country of issuance or the countries where they are to be legalized.

Serán por lo tanto confirmados una vez se soliciten las legalizaciones correspondientes que en caso de contratación del servicio de legalización usted deberá adelantarnos o reembolsarnos una vez sepamos el coste que tendrán. Su asistente Campussing se las confirmará cuando recibamos su solicitud y se ponga en contacto con usted.

En relación al pago de tasas de legalización, Campussing solo le cobrará las tasas que establezca el consulado correspondiente para cada caso, es decir Campussing no incrementará el precio de las tasas con respecto a lo que establezca el consulado, Campussing solamnete realiza la gestión con el cosnulado como parte de su servicio para que los documentos se puedan legalizar.

Será obligatorio que usted abone las tasas que correspondan en cada caso o que haya reembolsado las tasas si Campussing las adelanta por usted, para que podamos enviarles y liberar los documentos que hayamos legalizado.

Formalize the service

To contract this service formally and that we can make the arrangements with agility will be necessary to perform two steps:

Contracting: load the service in your shopping cart and finalize the purchase.
Information: send us the “Certificate Obtaining Form” that you will find below completed.

If you complete only one of them, your Campussing assistant will then ask you to complete the other one in order for us to start processing it. But if you do both now, contracting and information, you will speed up your process by making it easier for us since we will get started as soon as we receive your request.


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