Homologation of foreign university degrees in Spain

Service consisting of obtaining the homologation of a university degree issued abroad to be recognized and validated for its use and acceptance in Spain. If you need it instead we can also request and obtain its equivalence.



In Spain, the body in charge of homologations and validations of this type of studies is the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The homologation of a foreign degree to a Spanish degree that allows access to a regulated profession, will entail the possibility of exercising the regulated profession in question under the same conditions as the holders of the Spanish degrees that enable them to do so.

To homologate your foreign university degree in Spain it is necessary to legalize it, notarize it, make a sworn translation if the document is not in Spanish and make the formal application to the Ministry of Universities together with the payment of the fee established by the Spanish Government and its administration.


The Campussing service includes, if the applicant wishes, all the necessary steps to assist and coordinate the applicant, prepare the documentation and make the formal application once all the documents are reviewed and all the requirements are fulfilled. A Campussing assistant will assist you during the whole process in order to speed up the process as much as possible and to make the application in a comfortable way.

The service does NOT include the legalization, certification or sworn translations of the title that may be necessary, but we can do them for you if you wish. You can check the translation and legalization services to know the cost of our services if you wish. If you hire it from the beginning everything will be much more agile, remember that since the formal application is made correctly and if there are no delays or requests from the Spanish Ministry, the process can take about six months. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Spain to look for a job, it is advisable to get your degree approved in advance. If you wish, you can start the process from your country of residence.

Homologation or Equivalence

What is the difference between homologation and equivalence of a degree?

The main difference between homologation and equivalence is that the homologation will be carried out for the so-called regulated professions, that is, those that have a law that develops their practice.

The equivalences are the recognition of the validity of a degree (or a set of studies passed by the person concerned), so that it has the same academic and/or professional effects as another, although such recognition does not give the right to obtain the degree with which the equivalence is established.


The homologation or equivalence of university degrees involves at the time of application and as a fundamental requirement, the payment of a homologation fee established by the Spanish Administration. In the case that you ask us to homologate your university degree, we will take care of paying it in order to avoid you having to make the payment in the bank and to speed up the process as much as possible.

The cost of the service indicated when selecting your service does not include the cost of the established fee, which amounts to 164,85€.

Once you formalize the hiring of this service, a Campussing assistant will contact you to coordinate everything and will explain how to pay the fee if you have not paid it at the time of hiring this service. If you wish you can include it in your shopping cart, below you can find it in the section “Complement it with…” that you will find a little bit further down in this page.

Campussing will only charge the cost established by the Ministry for this application, nothing more, therefore it is tax exempt. The only thing we do is to facilitate for your convenience the payment of the same that is mandatory to be able to apply for the homologation.


There is an optional additional service that is closely related to obtaining the legalization of a document through diplomatic channels that we can perform for you once the legalization has been obtained, this is the sworn translation:

  • Sworn translation: if you also need the sworn translation of the document that we obtain and legalize, we can process it by standard procedure (within 5 working days) or by urgent procedure (between 24h and 48h) from the moment we obtain the legalized certificate. The price varies if it is standard or express service. If you are interested in both, please indicate it in the drop-down menu above. We can do the sworn translation into any language that has a sworn translation. Contract it now and don’t worry about it!

Hiring the sworn translation at the same time as the legalization will significantly speed up the process allowing you to have the final documents much sooner to proceed with your legal procedures. Remember that it is advisable to have the sworn translation done after the legalization has been obtained so that it is validated in the document, since if you do not do so, the entity requesting the document may require you to have it translated again.

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