Full-time English, French and Spanish Interpreters around the World

Sworn and official interpreting services in consecutive or liaison interpreting and simultaneous interpreting in more than 50 languages.

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So that communication is not a problem for the young professional, expert, student or worker who is on the move.

We have interpreters specialized by areas of work and economic sectors, so that the success of the service is assured. We also provide interpreters for events, congresses or meetings in various destinations.

Place of service

If the city where the interpreting service is to be provided is not included in the drop-down menu, do not worry, just indicate the province where the service is to be provided.

If the service required is for outside Spain, please indicate the country for which the interpreter is required in the “Destination country” drop-down list.



Not included.

If the service requires the interpreter to travel from the city of residence of the interpreter to the city where the service is to be performed, the cost of transportation will be invoiced separately and in addition to the reservation of this service.

Fuel, mileage, tolls, cabs, or the cost of train, bus, boat or plane tickets are not included and would be charged separately. Alternatively, you may arrange the transfer for the interpreter by booking and purchasing in advance depending on the needs of the service required and the availability of the interpreter to be transferred.

At the time of service coordination and prior to the start of the service, Campussing will confirm the cost of the interpreter’s transportation based on the number of nights needed and the requirements of all parties.

If you do not agree with the estimate given for the transportation, you can make your purchase and advance booking directly for the interpreter.

By contracting this service you are reserving the professional services of an interpreter for the date you require the service and with an estimated start time for booking.

Travel allowance

The interpreter’s subsistence allowance is included. Therefore, no additional cost will be charged for this item.


Not included.

If the service requires the interpreter to sleep or spend the night away, hotel accommodation will be invoiced separately and in addition to the reservation of this service.

At the moment of the coordination of the service and before starting it, Campussing will confirm the cost of the accommodation depending on the number of nights needed and the requirements of all parties.

If you do not agree with the budget given for the accommodation, you can make your purchase and advance reservation directly.

Define service by day

1 day service (8 hours):

Indicate in the calendarí and selector above the day you require interpretation service and the estimated start time.

Several consecutive days (8 hours per day):

If you require the interpreter for more than one consecutive day from the start of the service, we offer two options:

1st – to pay now only for the first day of interpreter service and the rest of the days later and before the start of the service.

2º pay for all the consecutive days you require. To do this you must indicate next to the “Add to cart” button above the number of days or services you need.

For example. If you need an interpreter for 3 days, select 3.

Several NON-consecutive days (8 hours per day):

In this case, you will have to define each interpreter service for each day indicating the starting day for each of them as well as the characteristics of each service per day.

Urgent Services

This service can be booked online for services to be performed from 7 days from the current date. This allows us to have a reasonable margin of effective time to be able to successfully organize your request and arrange the interpreter project you require.

If you require an interpreter service before 7 days, i.e. you require us to provide an urgent service prior to the date set for your online purchase, say within 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or less than 7 days, we recommend that you complete the form below and indicate the urgency so that we can provide you with an express response and an urgent solution now.

    Country of destination

    Destination city:

    Date of service:
    *if you do not know it yet give us an estimate

    Type of service

    Language of origin

    Target language

    When do you need it

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