Fee 107 for the homologation or equivalence of a university qualification

Applications for immigration permits and processes in Spain require the payment of an official fee that must be paid by the applicant for each process. If you wish, we can make this payment on your behalf, avoiding travel, delays and waiting times.



If you have contracted our university degree homologation service and you wish us to pay the fee for the homologation or equivalence of your university degree, to avoid complications you should contract and pay the 107 fee corresponding to your degree.

The payment of the fee is a personal payment, if you wish us to pay the fee on your behalf, we can do so. See the fees section.


If you would like us to pay the fee on your behalf so that you do not have to go to the bank, we can do so. To do so, you will have to include both the 107 fee and the fee payment service in the application form together with the degree homologation service.

The amounts of the fees for foreigners are established by the General State Budget of Spain. Campussing does not apply VAT to the amount of the foreigner’s fee to be paid as it is exempted. We will make the payment and send you a scanned copy of the fee once it has been paid.

Service fee 107

Campussing service for payment of immigration taxes (1 service per tax)