Family support program

Comprehensive program that provides personalized support to the family members of displaced persons to make integration in the new destination quick and easy and to make the family members feel at home.


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Campussing designs and offers flexible programs, specifically designed to support the spouses and children of displaced persons upon arrival at their destination and at an initial stage. Moving to another country due to changes or needs other than one’s own is not always easy and sometimes involves difficulties that are often caused by unfamiliarity with the new city, the culture of the new country or the lack of friendships. We provide a very enjoyable and practical program that provides cultural and social knowledge in English or Spanish in order to facilitate the landing and inclusion in the new destination.

Services included:

  • Implementation of welcome and support courses.
  • Intercultural training program for adults and children.
  • Individual or family and group training options.


  • Participating in meetings with other family members who have just arrived at the destination allows, in addition to knowing similar situations, in many cases the possibility of meeting people with whom you can get along.
  • Courses taught by professionals with extensive experience.
  • Practical application for study, work and social situations.
  • Flexible and tailor-made packages according to the particular needs of each client.
  • It boosts self-confidence and facilitates a faster adaptation of the displaced person.
  • The price for this program includes an intercultural program of 10 hours of duration to be carried out within a week, distributing the hours as best suits the displaced person (for example 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday or 5 consecutive hours 2 days a week), and may participate and be enhanced at no additional cost for all members of the family who wish to participate. The price of the service includes VAT.


Once you sign up for this service and your request is formalized, your Campussing assistant will contact you to get started, plan and guide you with any questions you may have regarding the necessary mobility processes. We will inform you about the documentation you will need to have ready for your mobility, and where and how to request the ones you do not have. If we need documentation exclusively for the correct execution of the contracted service, you must provide it to us so that we can assist you in time and form.


  • Beneficiary service in Spanish and English.
  •  The attention will be provided during Spanish office hours from Monday to Friday.
  • The response to consultations will be given within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Expenses for the formalization of insurance, visas or others are not included.
  • Your mobility assistant, at your request, may ask you to make an internal inquiry so that Campussing can advance the payment of a file management fee, such as the payment of an immigration fee, the advance payment of a deposit to formalize an accommodation, an insurance or others… and provided that there is a written agreement between the parties, that is to say between the “Client” (you) and Campussing. In the event that Campussing agrees to make a payment in advance on behalf of the person on the move, and always in order to expedite a service, the client agrees to reimburse Campussing for the mobility allowance at the agreed time and in the agreed manner.
  • Alternatively, the interested party or institution must advance as a provision of funds the agreed amount that corresponds to its formalization.
  • The beneficiary will be provided with an email address for direct contact with the Campussing assistant and a Campussing contact telephone number for emergencies.


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