Classical Pre-mobility program for students traveling to Spain

Do you want to have everything under control and organized before traveling to Spain? We provide you with a personal assistant who will help you solve all the doubts you may have about immigration, visas, mobility, accommodation, insurance and other issues, assisting you with the processing of documentation and permits that you must formalize before traveling in your country of origin and upon arrival at your destination.

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Traveling to another country for mobility implies significant changes and the formalization of various administrative and bureaucratic procedures before traveling to the destination, upon arrival in the new country and during the stay.

Lack of knowledge of the processes and requirements for formalizing everything that is necessary or obligatory entails substantial delays or loss of time and money for the transferee, who at a given moment may have difficulties in carrying out administrative procedures. These situations slow down international mobility and incorporation, generating uneasiness for the transferee both prior to and upon arrival at the destination. This classic Campussing program is designed for those students who want to have everything under control before traveling to the destination where they are going to study and not make mistakes that delay their incorporation or mobility process.

We listen to you carefully to solve and answer all the doubts you may have, and assist you with all the formalities that must be formalized before leaving your country, keeping you informed and guiding you in each phase of the mobility process, and being mobility experts we can give you the keys, tips and tricks that you should know to speed up and have everything ready easily. Prepare your disembarkation at your destination with the help of your personal mobility assistant Campussing, and in a simple way you will speed up all the steps without forgetfulness or incidents.


Services included:

– 2 weeks of personalized attention, if not completed before traveling to Spain the remaining days may be used upon arrival at destination.
– Resolution of mobility queries in online format (email) unlimited during this period.
– Assistance with the processing of your student visa.
– Support included with the management of translations of documents, in order to have them within 24h to 48h. The cost of translations is not included in the program.
– Advice with the contracting of a student insurance with a view to the processing of the policy, between immediate depending on the case and 72h.
– It includes the completion of up to 3 procedures or formalities that we can advance before traveling or prepare them for your arrival at your destination.

Below are some of the steps we can take for you. Some of them are mandatory when traveling to Spain and others are optional.

You can choose 3 procedures from the list included in the program:

– Register and/or deregister at the consulate.
– Request the registration and certificate of census registration.
– Apply for the social security number.
– Request registration with the AEAT if you come to work.
– Application for registration as a non-resident in AEAT.
– Registration and deregistration in the health system.
– Registration in medical center.
– Application for a health card.
– If you are European, application for the European health card.
– Registration of beneficiaries in the INSS.
– Processing the invitation letter.
– Registration in academic, sports or other institutions.
– Help with the application for the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE).
– Assistance with the application for the Foreigner Identification Card (TIE).
– Registration as an EU citizen.
– Opening of a free bank account or others according to your profile.
– Application for certificates.
– Declaration of entry.

These steps should be arranged with the Campussing assistant assigned to you, once you have already contracted the program, and if you are interested in other steps please ask your Campussing assistant when he/she contacts you.


Once you sign up for this service and your request is formalized, your Campussing assistant will contact you to get started, plan and guide you with any questions you may have regarding the necessary mobility processes. We will inform you about the documentation you will need to have ready for your mobility, and where and how to request the ones you do not have. If we need documentation exclusively for the correct execution of the contracted service, you must provide it to us so that we can assist you in time and form.


  • Beneficiary service in Spanish and English.
  •  The attention will be provided during Spanish office hours from Monday to Friday.
  • The response to consultations will be given within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Expenses for the formalization of insurance, visas or others are not included.
  • Your mobility assistant, at your request, may ask you to make an internal inquiry so that Campussing can advance the payment of a file management fee, such as the payment of an immigration fee, the advance payment of a deposit to formalize an accommodation, an insurance or others… and provided that there is a written agreement between the parties, that is to say between the “Client” (you) and Campussing. In the event that Campussing agrees to make a payment in advance on behalf of the person on the move, and always in order to expedite a service, the client agrees to reimburse Campussing for the mobility allowance at the agreed time and in the agreed manner.
  • Alternatively, the interested party or institution must advance as a provision of funds the agreed amount that corresponds to its formalization.
  • The beneficiary will be provided with an email address for direct contact with the Campussing assistant and a Campussing contact telephone number for emergencies.


In addition to the additional services detailed for this mobility program on the main page Campussing Programs: We offer you the following additional options that you could hire additionally.

  • Accompaniment: If you would like us to accompany you to the appointments at the destination to guide you through the whole process, a Campussing assistant can accompany you and wait for you at the appointment place to assist you. Also, it is perfect if you do not speak Spanish so that he/she can translate or act as an interpreter. This service is available in Spanish or English.
  • Transfers: if you wish, on the day of the appointment your Campussing assistant can also pick you up at a meeting point, if possible at your hotel or home and take you to the office where the appointment has been arranged, as long as it is within the same city. At the end of your appointment, he/she will take you back to the meeting point.
  • Multilingual Attention Service: If you do not speak English or Spanish, or prefer to be attended in any other language, we can attend you in the language of your choice. This service must be requested upon quotation request and acceptance.


Payment of immigration fees:
Throughout the development of a mobility services program, in some processes, as for example may be the application for a visa, foreign applicants must pay a processing fee. This program does not include the payment of any fees. Fees are a personal expense to be paid by the foreigner or applicant.

In some cases we can pay them in advance on your behalf, saving you a trip to the bank.
In order for us to make the payment in advance, there must be a prior written agreement so that we can pay them in advance as a supplement. If we pay them in advance, you will have to reimburse us later. If you have contracted a mobility program or services on the Campussing platform, you will only pay the cost of the fee and as a Campussing member we will not charge you any additional management fees.

Reservation & Payment

The reservation of this mobility program or services on the Campussing platform is effective upon receipt of payment in our bank account. The price indicated on the website includes VAT or taxes corresponding to the country in which the service is provided.

Cancellation policy:

This product may be cancelled up to one week in advance as long as Campussing has not started the formal processing of the product. Formal processing is understood as the moment in which we start the execution of the contracted service. Any management carried out, the sending of a personalized mail, a phone call, a displacement, the payment of a fee or other management carried out, will be sufficient proof of the beginning of the formal activity.


We offer flexible and fair conditions. Whenever applicable and contemplated in the cancellation policy, we will proceed with the refund. In addition, if it is not contemplated, but we consider it fair and opportune, we will also proceed to make a full or partial refund as appropriate. The refund will always be made by the same means by which the payment was made.


If you have doubts about this product and you are looking for other options, access our consultation and quotation form by clicking on the following button: