Applying for a criminal record certificate in Spain

Service consisting of obtaining your certificate that allows you to accredit the lack or existence of a criminal record in the Central Register of Convicted Persons on the date it is issued. We take care of everything, hire this service and don’t worry about it, live smart mobility!



Entering competitive examinations, adopting a child, obtaining Spanish nationality or living outside Spain are some of the cases in which you will need your Criminal Record Certificate.

The Criminal Record Certificate is an official document issued and validated by the Spanish Ministry of Justice that certifies whether or not a person has a criminal record in the Central Register of Criminals. It is a report detailing whether at any time in your life there has been a conviction in a final sentence for the commission of any of the crimes listed in the Penal Code.

The criminal record certificate can be requested by any natural person of legal age, as well as by legal persons through their legal representatives. Persons with judicially modified capacity must be represented by a parent or legal guardian.

In compliance with Community regulations, when the application is made by citizens of European Union member countries of a nationality other than Spanish, information on their background will be requested from the central authority of the State of their nationality, which will be attached to the Spanish certificate that is issued. In this case, the processing of the certificate will be subject to the regulations, practice and deadlines of the country in question.

NOTE: The Certificate of Criminal Record does not entitle you to work with minors in Spain, being necessary in these cases to request a Certificate of Sexual Offences as this is the only document authorised for this purpose.  What are you waiting for? Let us help you and live a smart mobility!

If you want us to process your certificate of criminal offences you only have to contract this service, as soon as we receive your request a Campussing assistant will contact you to organise the service.

For Spain

In Spain there are several laws that may oblige you to present a Criminal Record Certificate. Mainly for foreign citizens to be able to obtain a residence permit and nationality. It is also necessary to get some jobs, to have weapons or dangerous animals and to adopt or foster minors.

To obtain a Residence Permit or Nationality: if you are a foreign citizen, you will need to provide a criminal record certificate from your country of origin to obtain a residence permit in Spain. It is also a requirement to obtain the Nationality of any country of the European Union.

To get a job: any company in Spain can ask you for your criminal record to get a job. However, you usually only need it to access those jobs where the law requires it: state, regional and local civil servants, including the army and the police.

To adopt or foster a minor: all the Autonomous Communities require the Criminal Record Certificate in order to adopt or take temporary guardianship of a minor. To have a Weapons and Potentially Dangerous Animals Licence: it is a compulsory requirement to present your criminal record certificate to the authorities.

For outside Spain

You may need your criminal record to apply for a residence permit outside the European Union: it is required, for example, to apply for a visa to enter Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States.

In the EU, you will also need it to work in professions involving contact with vulnerable groups (education, social services, health, etc.). It will also be a prerequisite for international adoption.


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