Application for the Foreigners Identification Number (NIE) in Madrid

Foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, are related to or will reside in Spain, must apply for a Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) and will be provided, for identification purposes, with a personal number.

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The personal number will be the foreigner’s identifier, which must appear in all the documents that are issued or processed, as well as in the procedures that are stamped on his or her identity card or passport. If you want us to take care of everything without the need for you to travel, hire us now and we will take care of the whole process. For this, we will act as your representative for the processing of this application only. If you prefer to come with us on the day of the application you can do so, in that case, we will meet you on the day of the appointment for the processing that we will arrange when all the documentation is ready. Go ahead, apply and forget about it, leave it in our hands!


Services included

  • We take care of the whole process from start to finish, from the moment you hire it until you get it.
  • We prepare all the documentation required for the correct processing of your number.
  • We guide and assist you throughout the whole process and we take care of filing it.


We take care of everything, we represent you to process the request and avoid you to move, we move on your behalf. Once you contract this service and your order is formalized, your Campussing assistant will contact you to guide you with any questions and ask you for the documents that we will need for the correct execution of the service. Don’t worry, we take care of everything!


Please note:

  • This service includes the whole process: the preparation of the documentation, the processing and presentation in person on your behalf of the application to the Spanish Administration. the collection of the number.
  • Once we have it, we will give it to you so you can use it.
  • The price includes our service and our travel to the offices of the Administration to submit the application.
  • The price established in the web, does not include the costs of immigration fees that the applicant must pay separately for its processing (See section Fees).


Optional services

  • Payment of immigration fees: if you want us to pay the fees for this process, a mandatory and personal requirement to be able to process the application, you must pay the corresponding fees in advance and separately as they are not included in the price of our service. At the time of requesting the service you can select, payment of fee Yes or NO. If you want us to do this management for you, select Yes and avoid the walk and wait at the bank. If you prefer to do it personally you can do it by yourself. If you are not sure at this moment press no and if you need it later tell us.


Immigration Fees

  • Some immigration processes require applicants to pay a processing fee.
  • If you want we can pay them on your behalf and avoid you to go to the bank.
  • To do so, you will have to pay them in advance as a supplement.
  • The fees you must pay for this process are estimated at 9.64 € (this is a guide price that may vary at any time, but in the case of selecting the option of the drop-down Payment of fees, YES, it will always be included in the final price paid at the time of recruitment.

If you want us to pay on yur behalf and in advance the immigration taxe for your procedure, please include the following service in order for us to make the payment in advance and being able to speed the application process up, avoiding that you need to complete the forms and make the payment at the bank. The service cost is specify below.

Please note that the cost of the personal immigration tax that we pay on your behalf, it will need to be refund additional after to Campussing and onve we justify the payment to you. 

This is the service for immigration tax payment:

Campussing service for payment of immigration taxes (1 service per tax)


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