Application for maternity and paternity benefits from the social security authorities

If you are about to have a baby in Spain, remember that we can help you to process your maternity or parental benefit in a comfortable, agile and simple way. The experience of first-time applicants is very slow. Give us an estimated date of birth of your baby to organise everything and don’t worry about it.



With the help of our team, you can apply for your paternity and maternity benefit formally and without any hassle. All you have to do is let your Campussing advisor guide you step by step through what you need to do and who you need to apply to. Whenever possible, we will process all the documentation, so that you only have to travel if it is strictly necessary, and we will formalise all the necessary steps that must be completed in order to obtain recognition of your maternity and paternity leave in the shortest possible time.

Inevitably you will have to do this at some point, because there are procedures that we cannot carry out as representatives, but we will prepare all the necessary documentation at each stage and organise the appointments you require to formalise your application for paternity and maternity leave in the shortest possible time. The service includes the application of both parents.

In recent months there have been many delays from the administration due to formal defects in the applications. There have been cases where parents/applicants have not even received their financial support until after they had returned to work. If you want to save time and convenience, don’t hesitate to book this service and we will take care of everything. Live smart mobility!


There are many steps to be taken and documentation to be presented, everything starts on the day of the birth of your baby, congratulations, now you must apply for the birth certificate, the maternity leave of the mother and the sick leave, the registration of your baby in the social security, as well as the registration of your baby in the civil registry.

If you contract the Campussing service we will take care of everything, in addition to this the service includes formalising the application for the social security card, application for company certificates, registration of the baby in a private company, application for paternity and maternity benefits, etc. If you wish, we can take care of everything for you.


We recommend that if you are interested, you should preferably contract this service in advance of the birth of your baby so that we can prepare in advance and have everything ready in time. This will also help you to know the documents that you will need to apply for on your own and that we will need to gather in order to make the formal application. Let us know when you plan to be “due”, and we’ll get to it in advance so that your maternity or parental benefit is not delayed.


If you wish, we can provide you with a driver to take you to all the meetings and wait for you while you are in a meeting to carry out any formalities. This avoids parking problems and reduces the time needed to carry out the service as much as possible.