Relocation program

Relocation program

What services are included

recogida aeropuerto

Welcome upon arrival and transfer to accommodation

icono busqueda alojamiento

Temporary lodging and housing

icono ágil y fácil

Immigration, registration and visa services

iconos padres objetivos

Orientation and integration services

icono encuentra servicio familiares

School search and family support

icono traslados traslados seguros

Moving services, installation and adaptation

icono traducciones interpretes

Intercultural training service

icono servicio movilidad internacional

Departure or return service to country of origin

Relocation programs

A solution for every profile and need  

programa relocation standard campussing

Tailor-made employee relocation

Designed to cover the basic needs of workers when they move to another country.

programa relocation a medida campussing

Tailor-made student relocation

Designed for students moving to another country to have everything ready upon arrival.

programa relocation servicio consierge campussing

Consierge Service

For the displaced to optimize their time and improve their quality of life. In charge of managing any activity.

programa relocation apoyo al regreso al pais de origen campussing

Return program

Services to organize the closure and return of displaced persons to their country of origin in a comfortable and simple manner.

This program provides services that cover all the needs of the displaced person throughout the mobility process. Before, in the country of origin, upon arrival at the destination, during the mobility and at the end or return to the country of origin. 360º service at your disposal to always have an immediate solution. Let us help you, live a smart mobility!

Description of services included

Welcome and transfer

A Campussing representative will meet you at the airport, station or arrival point in the center of your destination city to welcome you and transfer you to your accommodation. 

If you have a stopover in another city to reach your final destination, see our optional services.


The transfer from the pick-up point to your accommodation within the destination city is included. The rate will depend on the type of vehicle and service contracted.


We help you find a temporary apartment and later a house according to your needs and tastes.

Immigration Services

We provide assistance and advice in obtaining visas and international study, work and residence permits. Our goal is to coordinate and manage the process with the relevant authorities and administrations on behalf of our client, ensuring that all documentation complies with the legal requirements.

Orientation services  

Your Campussing assistant will make an accompanied visit to provide you with specific knowledge of the area where you are going to live, adapting the visit according to the interests of the transferee and the family he/she is moving with. This service will include everything the transferee will need to know to live, study or work in the new destination.

School search

Professional school search program that compares and studies existing and future educational plans, managing particular educational interests and requirements, such as searching for schools for children with special needs, universities or educational centers according to each need.

Installation and location

We provide moving services for those displaced people who need to bring their belongings from the origin, this reduces moving times as everything is coordinated with the parties.

We also provide installation and adaptation services designed to help the transferee during those first few months, ensuring that they can dedicate themselves to their
during those first months ensuring that they can devote themselves to their studies or work and feel comfortable in their new environment.

Cross-cultural training

We facilitate language and cultural training courses to ensure that the displaced person can communicate and integrate effectively in his or her new destination. We provide flexible language and cultural training programs, taught by professionals with decades of experience and oriented to meet the needs of each individual.

Return service

Complete assistance during the entire departure process, allowing the displaced person to leave their home in an organized and worry-free manner and return to their country of origin whenever they wish with the peace of mind that everything will be closed correctly.

Optional services 

Assistance in obtaining health insurance 

If you need it, we can help you to take out an insurance policy tailored to your needs and within 24 hours, covering your health, travel, repatriation and stay. 

We recommend the health, travel and stay insurance for 1,29 € per day approximately (depending on the price per day of booking and profile of the traveler). If you already have a health insurance that covers you at your destination, we recommend the travel and stay insurance for approximately €0.53 per day (depending on the quote for the day of booking and the profile of the traveler). And you will only pay for the days you need to be insured.

It meets all the requirements requested by the consulate, we process it and send it to be presented at the consulate, it is totally reliable and the most complete and economical.

Transfer of liaison

If you make a stopover or stop in another city before reaching your final destination, we can transfer you to the connection point in the stopover city or to the final destination city. 

For example, if your final destination is Malaga, but you arrive on an international flight to Madrid-Barajas and from Madrid you must travel to Malaga by train, if you wish, we can provide you with a shuttle service that will pick you up at Madrid-Barajas and transfer you to the train station or connection point in the same city. 

Door to door transfer

If you make a stopover and prefer to travel to your final destination by car, we offer door-to-door service, which can take you from any point to any point in the country. 

Liaison accommodation

If you wish to stay overnight when you arrive in your connecting city instead of continuing your trip, we can provide you with quality connecting accommodation at a very competitive price thanks to the agreements we have with our partners.