Pre-mobility Program

Pre-mobility Program

What services are included

icono despreocupate

Personalized attention prior to your trip

icono reserva

Online assistance in resolving queries

icono globo terraqueo campussing

Support to prepare for mobility

icono ágil y fácil

Guidance with permit processing

icono inmigracion sello

Guidance with visa processing

icono traducciones documento

Support with obtaining translations

icono traslados traslados seguros

Arrangements at destination before arrival

icono seguro médico

Insurance assistance required

Types of pre-mobility

A service for every profile and need  

programa premovilidad clásica estudiantes campussing

Classical students

Designed to cover the basic needs of students when they move to another country, at the best price.

programa premovilidad clásica profesionales campussing

Classical professionals

Designed for professionals moving to work in another country to have everything ready upon arrival.

programa premovilidad premium estudiantes y profesionales campussing


For students and professionals who want a welcome with extra comfort, in a superior category. 

programa premovilidad vip estudiantes y profesionales campussing


Services in the top category, to satisfy everyone, even the most exclusive students and professionals.

This program helps the displaced person before traveling to his or her destination, from his or her country of origin. You will have an assistant who will advise you and help you prepare and coordinate all the necessary arrangements. Feel accompanied, let us help you and have everything ready for your arrival, live a smart mobility!

Description of services included

Personalized attention prior to the trip to the destination

We provide you with a personal assistant who will support you telematically and online, advise you and answer all your questions and needs you may have regarding the processing of permits in your country, about the trip, the processing of your visa, residence permits in Spain, about the processing of travel and stay insurance and everything you need to organize your mobility. 

You will be supported by your Campussing assistant at all times as well as by a professional team that will save you time and money. 

Online assistance with query resolution

When you sign up for this program, we will assign you a Campussing assistant who will be your contact person so that you can solve all your doubts and answer any urgent need you may have to clarify in order to make progress.

Consulting with the mobility coordination

We will inform you about the best options you should consider before traveling to Spain and about your destination city. Once in Spain we will inform you about the lifestyle, culture and costs.

If you wish we can put at your disposal the accommodation you need or want, so you can find the option that best suits you at the best price.    

Guidance with the processing of legal permits

We help and guide you with the application of legal permits that you must make according to your profile as well as with the obtaining of visas so that you gather all the necessary documents and comply with all the requirements established by the corresponding authorities in your country or destination.

Guidance with visa processing

We help and guide you with the visa application so that you gather all the necessary documents and comply with all the requirements established by the corresponding authorities at the Spanish Consulate in your country.

Support with obtaining translations

We will guide you on the steps to follow to obtain the translation and legalization of documents. If you wish, we can provide you with our team of translators in any language you need, so that you can have your document translated in record time.

We can obtain both sworn and plain translations of any document you need. If you want us to take care of the process and the translation, the cost of the translations will have to be paid separately according to the previously accepted quotation.

Arrangements at your destination before arrival

If you contract the pre-mobility program, we offer you the option to make up to 3 formalities that you need to formalize upon your arrival at your destination or even before your arrival.

You can choose the ones you are most interested in, but as an example we can do the registration process, the opening of a bank account.

Insurance assistance required

We help you with the hiring of any insurance you need to travel to your destination, whether it is health insurance, accident and travel insurance or any other in record time. We can have it ready and issued in 24 hours, so you can justify it to whoever is responsible and be covered throughout your mobility.

Thanks to the collaboration we have with different insurance companies, all authorized to operate in Spain, we can provide you with the insurance coverage that best suits your needs, at the best price.

Pick up on arrival at destination

We want to reward your trust and therefore we have decided to include in this program, exceptionally, the free pick up upon arrival at your destination. We will pick you up at the airport or station of your destination and transfer you to your accommodation in the city center.

When you know the time and date of arrival at your destination, you must let us know so we can organize the pick up if you make a stopover or arrive in Madrid and transfer to the hotel or accommodation in the center of the city. If you arrive in Madrid but are passing through to another city, we can arrange your transfer to continue your journey to your destination.                     

Optional services  

Assistance in obtaining health insurance 

If you need it, we can help you to take out an insurance policy tailored to your needs and within 24 hours, covering your health, travel, repatriation and stay. 

We recommend the health, travel and stay insurance for 1,29 € per day approximately (depending on the price per day of booking and profile of the traveler). If you already have a health insurance that covers you at your destination, we recommend the travel and stay insurance for approximately €0.53 per day (depending on the quote for the day of booking and the profile of the traveler). And you will only pay for the days you need to be insured.

It meets all the requirements requested by the consulate, we process it and send it to be presented at the consulate, it is totally reliable and the most complete and economical.

Transfer of liaison

If you make a stopover or stop in another city before reaching your final destination, we can transfer you to the connection point in the stopover city or to the final destination city. 

For example, if your final destination is Malaga, but you arrive on an international flight to Madrid-Barajas and from Madrid you must travel to Malaga by train, if you wish, we can provide you with a shuttle service that will pick you up at Madrid-Barajas and transfer you to the train station or connection point in the same city. 

Door to door transfer

If you make a stopover and prefer to travel to your final destination by car, we offer door-to-door service, which can take you from any point to any point in the country. 


Depending on the program contracted, you will have more or less luggage capacity. If on arrival your luggage exceeds the limits, you can always hire more space at your destination. The additional price for a large suitcase is 20 €, a medium one is 10 € and a small one is 6 € that you must pay at the time of transfer.

Liaison accommodation

If you wish to stay overnight when you arrive in your connecting city instead of continuing your trip, we can provide you with quality connecting accommodation at a very competitive price thanks to the agreements we have with our partners. 

Nights of temporary lodging

If you need accommodation at your destination or in the connecting city ask us, we have a wide variety of accommodations. We recommend requesting it in advance to ensure availability. If you contract this program, as a member of the Campussing community you will have discounts on our accommodations and services.

Housing search assistance

We have services and programs aimed to help you find the accommodation you want at the best price. We work for you to have your temporary or permanent accommodation in time, in case you are interested it is advisable to book it in advance.

Request for other local registries

If you also need us to help you with other local registrations and you have contracted a Campussing program, you will benefit from all the Smart Campussing discounts. Contact us if you need additional information.