Partners program

Benefit and take care of your international community

Who can become a Campussing Partner?

The partner program is open to any company, university, academic institution or research center that hosts international interns in its teams or sends members of its community abroad.

What benefits do I get as an Institution?

You will be able to benefit from special conditions and discounts of up to 15% on all services that you contract on the platform and are included in the signed partner agreement.

In addition, we will be able to design mobility programs and services tailored to your institution, which will add value according to your needs, execution times, profile of your displaced people and destinations to which they are going.

As a partner, first of all you will save money by having tailor-made services at a discount and time by coordinating and managing all processes with a single company. It reduces the management time of your teams, giving more security to your displaced people.

What benefits do the members of my community obtain?

As a member, you automatically benefit all members of your community, both nationals who go abroad and foreigners who join your institution.

If as an institution you do not want to or cannot finance the services of your displaced persons, the user will be able to contract and pay for them directly, automatically accessing your conditions.

In addition, all members of your institution will have direct and free access to the Smart Campussing program.

What is the Smart Campussing program?

It is our loyalty program with which users can access a host of benefits and additional discounts on services offered by the companies that are part of the program. The smart Campussing card has a cost and is valid for one year, but if you are a member, it will be free for all the members of your community.

What is the membership discount?

The member discount will vary according to the category of service contracted and can be up to 15% of the retail price on

For personalized services, special quotations or private services that are not for sale on, a discount will be applied, to be determined according to the service required by the institutional partner or the members of its community.

Can services be blocked or pre-booked?

Yes, we do temporary blocking of services and pre-reservations in all Campussing services as long as the reservation is made by the partner institution. They will not be made for members of your community if they book the services directly.

What is the payment method?

When the service is contracted by the partner institution, we offer two forms of payment:

  • Immediate payment, by credit card or paypal and immediate confirmation.
  • Payment by bank transfer, with immediate confirmation at the time of the service request and whose payment must be made within the times determined between the parties.

When the service is contracted by members of your community, we offer:

  • Immediate payment by credit card or paypal and immediate confirmation.
  • Payment by bank transfer, whose confirmation will be given upon receipt of the deposit.

If an express or urgent service is contracted, it is advisable to pay by credit card so that we can get started and perform the contracted service.

What do I have to comply with to become a member?

The fundamental requirements are:

  • Your institution must accept the general conditions of membership and sign a collaboration agreement with Campussing in which all the established conditions are subscribed.
  • This agreement does not imply in any case an expense or cost for your institution.
  • To fulfill the conditions and to be able to access the benefits of the program we offer you:
  • You will have to publicize and make reference to the collaboration agreement signed with us, communicating it to the members of your community internally by corporate email, through your news blog, press or social networks.
  • You will have to host our domain, in the members, partners or collaborators area, or place destined for it, in your institutional website, so that your community can easily access the services, discounts and benefits offered.
How do I access to my panel?

You can access your partner panel with your username and password. If you are not yet a member, please send us the application form so that we can evaluate you and formalize our collaboration.

If you are already a member and you do not remember your password or user name, you can request it by clicking on the I don’t remember my password button in the user area.

How can I reset my password?

If you do not remember your password or user name, you can request it by accessing your member’s area.

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