24-hour accompaniment and monitoring of your children

What we contribute to your children’s mobility

icono paquetes más cómodos-desplazado

Peace of mind for students and their families

icono paquetes tramitación ágil

Agility in the organization of mobility

iconos padres ahorro

Saving time and money by keeping everything organized

iconos padres integración

Immediate installation and integration at destination

icono alojamientos seguridad

Safety, by having professional support throughout the process.

iconos padres objetivos

Unconcerned, student focused on their activities.

We know the difficulties a student faces when moving to another country and we know the fears and worries parents have when their children leave. Don’t worry, we work daily at the destination, avoiding setbacks and facilitating student mobility. In addition, our 24×7 service provides your child with a personal assistant who will support him/her in case of any difficulty or unforeseen event.

Personalized mobility service for students

If you need a tailor-made service and accompaniment for your child, please contact us.

Benefits of personalized support

  • Program defined by and for your child.
  • Executed according to your time.
  • We will expedite your installation at destination.
  • You can combine services of all kinds. 
  • We ensure a programmed mobility.
  • We organize everything. Don’t worry about it!
  • A Campussing assistant will be at your disposal.
  • Continuous monitoring and supervision.
  • You will be informed at all times.
  • Priority processing.

More information for parents


Professional internationalization and practical experience abroad are fundamental elements for the future positioning of a student.

We help your children to make the internationalization process as smooth and profitable as possible, focusing our work to simplify their incorporation at destination.


More and more requirements are being asked of professionals who aspire to a good job. That is why our children must go out to get training and have international experiences.


There are many perfect places to achieve these goals. Campussing works in destinations that offer safety for our children, and among these is Spain, where our headquarters are located and where we provide services throughout the country. See all Campussing destinations and Campussing services on the web.


Campussing practices a policy of equal opportunity in terms of gender, race, religion, culture and beliefs. We respect the human rights of all displaced persons, we are tolerant of different ideas and cultures and therefore, we always provide the Campussing team member that best suits the needs of the displaced person.


We know the difficulties a student faces when moving to another country, so we work daily to facilitate mobility before, during and upon arrival and installation of your child at the destination.


We guide your child in the pre-mobility phase with the organization and obtaining of visas and insurance. We meet them at the international airport upon arrival, help them with their luggage, transfer them to their hotel or residence, and expedite all the bureaucratic and organizational formalities so that they can focus on their activities in record time.

Professional team

We put at your child’s disposal a professional team and useful and agile services. And if you need peace of mind, a personalized service tailored to your needs. In short, a family at destination to accompany and help him/her in case of any need or emergency during the mobility. 


Our most important commitments to achieve safe mobility for your children are:

  • Organization and agility in the procedures.
  • Assurance that your child will reside legally at the destination.
  • 24-hour emergency assistance, so that your child or you have a contact person at your disposal in case of any unforeseen event or emergency.
  • Keep you informed at all times and know the status of the execution of the service.
  • Fluid and direct contact with a Campussing member.

In addition

We provide you with a secure management system and on-site assistance and support services, as we have our own comprehensive mobility platform.

icono reserva y viaja fácilmente

User Support Center

Accompaniment and personalized attention to offer security and quality.

icono seguros 24horas

24/7 Service

Customer service 365 days a year providing assistance and care.

icono garantía plena de clientes satisfechos

Agility and efficiency

Immediate response times for both parents and displaced persons.

icono traslados traslados seguros

360⁰ service

We offer services by mobility phase and integral services for the whole process.

icono traslados locales nacionales

Equal opportunities

Services tailored to each user to offer equal opportunities.

icono encuentra servicio estudiante


Multidisciplinary team of experts with knowledge of legal requirements.

icono reserva instantanea campussing

Express Service

Some services can be contracted up to 12 hours prior to execution.

icono paquetes más cómodos-desplazado


We work under policies focused on sustainable mobility management.