Campussing at NAFSA 2023.

If you are in NAFSA, this is of interest to you! 

All you need for your mobilities to Spain in a single platform

  • Immigration legal services
  • Relocation services
  • Accommodations
  • Transfers
  • Insurance
  • Translations
  • Interpreters
  • Language Training
  • Tailor-made mobility programs
  • Internships

NAFSA attendees, contact us by filling out the form below and benefit from a 25% discount on our services.

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    Visit us at NAFSA, Spain Pavilion (Study in Spain), Nº933

    If you are going to carry out a study, work or research mobility to Spain or you are in charge of the mobility of your students or teams, do it hand in hand with a company that has come to NAFSA with the Government of Spain.

    This is your opportunity to have a trusted partner in Spain, who ensures the legal residency and processes from start to finish, and without complications. With personalized attention, a premium express service and the best value for money.

    ¡Be Smart, be Campussing!

    Organize your mobility 100% Online and don’t worry about your relocation process.

    Why with Campussing?

    Because we all deserve to be able to travel to Spain like kings, that is to say in a fast, comfortable and safe way. Organize your mobility 100% Online and don’t worry about it.

    And because we are experts in international mobility processes, and we ensure your mobility for any destination in Spain to which you are going, since we cover the entire national territory.

    Have a reliable partner in Spain to centralize your mobility and don’t worry about it.

    Paquete de bienvenida campussing

    Use Campussing and…

    • Control your mobilities from start to finish.
    • Ensure timely and accurate onboarding.
    • Streamline processes.
    • Avoid wasted time.
    • Save money on travel.
    • Travel focused on your mobility objectives.
    • Create ad-hoc services, defined by and for you.
    • Organize according to your time and needs.
    • Don’t be alone and get help in every step of the way.
    • With personalized attention from your Campussing assistant.
    • Speed the relocations up in destination Spain.
    • No worries, we take care of everything.
    • Special conditions and discounts for NAFSA attendees and their communities in our services.
    • And access to more than 400 benefits with the Smart Campussing Program we are about to launch.

    Campussing, in Spain Pavilion (Study in Spain), Nº933

    NAFSA 2023 attendees, contact us by filling out the form and benefit from a 25% discount on our services.