Predoctoral and postdoctoral research internships in Spain

Research internships in Spain
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We offer a personalized internship search service in Spain. Have an international experience living and getting to know the Spanish culture, and grow professionally and personally. Live a unique experience!

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Improve your resume to get a good job

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Gain international professional experience

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Build or expand your network of contacts

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Live abroad and get to know a unique culture

How to contract our internship search service

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Set up your service

Confirm the internship you want: duration, educational level, area of knowledge and destination city.

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Book Online

Get an instant quote for your service and book it online – it’s easy, secure and convenient!

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Once formalized, our team will contact you, the service is up and running!

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Do not worry

Your assistant is looking for your internship and will soon inform you of the options he/she has for you.

We offer internships at different levels

For more job opportunities in the future, gain international experience now.

practicas de investigacion en España campussing


For young researchers in pre-doctoral phase who want to have an international experience linked to the completion of their doctorate in a university institution or research center of recognized prestige. We take care of coordinating everything with you, your university and the host institution.

practica y movilidad de investigacion postdoctoral campussing


For those researchers who have completed their PhD and wish to have an international research experience in a Spanish institution. Having an international experience is fundamental in the development of researchers’ careers, so what are you waiting for, live a smart mobility!

If you are over 18 years old and want to gain research experience by doing an internship in a prestigious research center, get to know Spain and its culture, meet researchers from all over the world and expand your network of contacts, we recommend that you apply for the Campussing service for research internship search. It’s easy, convenient and simple, improve your CV by enjoying a unique personal experience and launch your research career!

What two service options do we offer?

We offer you an internship search service that includes the search, follow-up and supervision of the internship and a 360° comprehensive service that also helps you with personalized support to the mobility process and includes:

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Before travelling

  • The search for the internship.
  • An online interview with your Campussing mentor. Tell us your preferences.
  • Comprehensive help and support, from start to finish, with personalized attention.
  • Advice and support to obtain the visa and all the legal requirements you must comply with.
  • Online language course (Spanish / English), preparatory to what you need to know for your internship.
  • An information package: receive useful information and tips about the Spanish work culture and lifestyle, and much more.
  • Help with arranging a tailor-made insurance policy.
  • Help with identifying short or long term accommodation.
  • Preparation of all training and internship agreements.
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At your arrival

  • Pick up at the airport and transfer to your accommodation.
  • 2 nights of accommodation are included upon arrival.
  • If you don’t have a long term accommodation for the whole stay at your arrival, we help you to find one.
  • Welcome meeting at your arrival so that you can spend your first days in Spain with the help of the Campussing team.
  • Advice and support with the legal formalities at your destination.
  • Help with opening a bank account.
  • Help with the registration of census registration.
  • Help with the application for the social security number.
  • Help with the processing and formalization of your immigration permits and immigration formalities required for your profile in Spain.
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  • Help with immigration procedures so that you are up to date and reside legally at all times.
  • Accompaniment to immigration appointments.
  • Travel bag.
  • In some cases monthly financial assistance.
  • Supervision visits: you will have periodic supervisions with your internship supervisor to evaluate the progress you are making together.
  • Ongoing monitoring and supervision: you will have one-on-one sessions with your mentor to evaluate goals and progress.
  • Regular internship evaluation reports.
  • 24/7 emergency contact phone number. If you have an emergency during your stay, you will not be alone and if you need to contact us at any time.
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  • Certificate of completion of internships.
  • Certificate of training and knowledge acquired.
  • Language certificate.
  • References from your supervisor and host institution.
  • Final Campussing report.


The price of the service varies depending on the type of internship, training level, duration, sector, type of vacancy and the profile of the beneficiary. In the case of applicants who have a residence permit to travel to Spain, we offer a personalized service of internship search only, without mobility support.

In order to maximize the return on investment, many vacancies offer a financial or living allowance or a travel allowance or other benefits such as accommodation at the destination, meals or transportation.

Tarifas prácticas remuneradas de investigacion en España campussing
práctica y movilidad de investigacion predoctoral campussing

Keep in mind that…

  • We have agreements with large, medium and small companies.
  • Most vacancies will give you a minimum remuneration or a monthly travel allowance.
  • We provide you with comprehensive mobility assistance.
  • You can finance the service without interest
  • We have vacancies all over Spain.
  • You tell us what you are looking for and we find the vacancy. Whenever we can we give the applicant several options to choose from.
  • At the end of the internship some students get a contract.

If you are an R+D+i Center or Company in the sector…

We can find internships for your community members. Here are some reasons why they choose us!

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Garantizamos la comunicación constante. Si todavía no has creado el programa de movilidad, podemos diseñarlo para ti y si ya lo tienes, nuestro equipo de expertos puede guiarte sobre los requisitos que hay que cumplir en España para asegurar el éxito de las prácticas.

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We carry out programs focused on developing key capabilities for the student’s training and the improvement of their professional future. We guarantee the delivery of added value in each program so that the experience acquired by the student is unique.

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We collaborate with companies, academic and research institutions from all over Spain, which act as student receivers and which have been selected for their quality according to their sector and area of knowledge.

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You can always rely on Campussing in any situation. We provide you with quality vacancies and a flexible and understanding contact team that takes care of everything. We accompany you throughout the entire mobility process.

Reasons for doing an internship in Spain

These are some of the thousands of reasons.


Spain is the second safest country in the world.


82 million tourists a year choose Spain for their vacations.


It is the country with the second largest number of tourists and the second largest number of hotels in the world.


It is the fourth most used destination for the organization of business meetings.


Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, 19 of which are in Latin America.


More than 550 million people speak Spanish. By 2050 there will be 754 million.


Around 20 million students worldwide study Spanish.


First country to receive ERASMUS+ students and 9th for international students.


Its educational system has 82 universities, of which 50 are public and 32 are private.


It has 232 university campuses, 21 of which are campuses of university excellence.


20 universities are in the world top 50. Of these, 4 are in the top 10 and 9 in the top 20.


The university education offer in English consists of 283 bachelor’s degrees and 508 master’s degrees.


Fourth country in the world in renewable energy patent applications.


The first European country and the fourth in the world in biotech agriculture.


Second European country and ninth in the world in automobile production. Leader in the industrial vehicle manufacturing industry.


In general terms, the cost of living in Spain is lower than in our European neighbors.


For its gastronomic excellence. Spain has more than 190 Michelin-starred restaurants.


Third country in the world in terms of World Heritage Sites.


Fifth leading country in the world in biochemistry and molecular biology.


It is the world leader in electric vehicle technology.