Housing search program

Housing search program

What services are included

icono busqueda alojamiento

Flexible home search service

icono confirma

Needs analysis prior to visits

icono paquetes más cómodos-desplazado

Provision of welcome package

icono reserva y viaja fácilmente

Preparation of itinerary of homes to be visited

icono seguros cronometro

Reception of the displaced prior to visits

icono traducciones interpretes

Accompanied visits to the properties

icono seguros monedas

Negotiation of rents and conditions

iconos además alojamientos suministros

Inventory management at entry with registration

Types of housing services

Everything you need from search to supply registration 

programa busqueda de alojamiento estancia corta duracion menos de tres meses campussing


Temporary housing search. Designed to cover the basic needs of students when they move to another country, at the best price.

programa busqueda de alojamiento estancia larga duracion mas de tres meses campussing

Long stays

Home search. Designed for professionals moving to work in another country to have everything ready upon arrival.

programa busqueda de alojamiento alta y gestión de suministros campussing

Registration or change of supplies

For students and professionals who want a welcome with extra comfort, in a superior category.

programa busqueda de alojamiento temporal y de larga duracion campussing

Temporary lodging and housing

Services in the top category, to satisfy the most exclusive students and professionals throughout the process.

This program offers a flexible home search service designed to suit all needs and to obtain the best possible value for money within the budget, needs and conditions set by you. We work to ensure the long-term success of your relocation, helping your daily performance. Don’t worry and live a smart mobility!

Description of services included

Needs analysis

As soon as you receive the confirmation of your service, we will contact the displaced person to analyze the needs of the displaced person and prepare the visits in advance. We listen to you carefully and provide you with all the information you need to know about your destination.

Itinerary preparation

Based on the conversations we have, we will prepare an itinerary of properties to visit that we will present to you beforehand so that you can get to know them beforehand.

Round of visits

Before the visits, we will receive the displaced person and then start the housing search in person.


The client will always be accompanied by a Campussing advisor. All the staff in charge of the search for housing that make up our team, are professionals with extensive experience in the sector and professionals with a long professional career.

Home identification

Once we have identified the property that the displaced person wants, and whenever possible, we will negotiate the conditions and rent with the landlord in order to meet the interests of our clients by finding a better deal.

We perform a management and intermediation function to achieve a satisfactory agreement. If the parties agree we proceed with the elaboration and revision of the contract for our client.


We will carry out a detailed management of the inventory of the property with a photographic record to record the inventory of the property and its contents.


We will make the registration and change of electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet supplies and others that may be necessary such as the processing of some management with the administration of the community.

Telephone support

During 10 days we will provide telephone support to the displaced person, always during office hours, in order to help him/her and solve any doubts he/she may have.

24h Emergencies

In addition, and only for emergency or extreme need situations, we will provide a 24-hour hotline during those 10 days so that the displaced person is not alone if he/she has an emergency situation and that we can help him/her.

Optional services

Assistance in obtaining health insurance 

If you need it, we can help you to take out an insurance policy tailored to your needs and within 24 hours, covering your health, travel, repatriation and stay.

We recommend the health, travel and stay insurance for 1,29 € per day approximately (depending on the price per day of booking and profile of the traveler). If you already have a health insurance that covers you at your destination, we recommend the travel and stay insurance for approximately €0.53 per day (depending on the quote for the day of booking and profile of the traveler). And you will only pay for the days you need to be insured.

It meets all the requirements requested by the consulate, we process it and send it to be presented at the consulate, it is totally reliable and the most complete and economical.

Transfer of liaison

If you make a stopover or stop in another city before reaching your final destination, we can transfer you to the connection point in the stopover city or to the final destination city. 

For example, if your final destination is Malaga, but you arrive on an international flight to Madrid-Barajas and from Madrid you must travel to Malaga by train, if you wish, we can provide you with a shuttle service that will pick you up at Madrid-Barajas and transfer you to the train station or connection point in the same city.

Door to door transfer

If you make a stopover and prefer to travel to your final destination by car, we offer door-to-door service, which can take you from any point to any point in the country.

Liaison Hosting

If you wish to stay overnight when you arrive in your connecting city instead of continuing your trip, we can provide you with quality connecting accommodation at a very competitive price thanks to the agreements we have with our partners. 

Request for other local registries

If you need it, we can help you to make in a coordinated way with the search of housing or temporary apartment, the realization of the local registers that you need.