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Can I reserve for someone else?

Yes, simply at the time of contracting, you must indicate in the subject or annotations, the data of the person/s who will receive the service instead of your own.

In the payment information you will have to indicate your data for the purchase and reservation to be completed correctly.

In any case, don’t worry, if you hire the service for several people, when your Campussing assistant contacts you, you will be able to detail all this information.

Is it necessary to print a voucher?

It is not mandatory, we are committed to the environment and our goal is to reduce the felling of trees. At the time of the execution of the service and depending on the type of service, we will make the necessary checks to ensure that the person receiving the service is the person for whom it has been contracted. In some cases we will request proof of identity to verify this.

How can I pay for my reservations?

Our website offers an easy and intuitive booking and payment service that allows you to pay securely by VISA, MasterCard or PayPal and by bank transfer.

It is not possible to pay at the destination and all reservations must be made through the website.

Is the payment secure?

We have an online payment system 100% secure and encrypted against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

¿Es posible hacer la reserva y pagar todo en destino?

Is it possible to make the reservation and pay for everything at destination?

How long do I have to wait to receive confirmation?     

The confirmation email is immediate once the payment has been made. If you do not receive it, there are two possible reasons:

  • The payment has not been completed correctly. Check your bank account or Paypal.
  • You have not entered your email address correctly. Write us an email and we will help you to solve it as soon as possible.

If you check that you have been charged the amount in your bank / paypal, possibly you have put the wrong email. In this case, write to clientes@campussing.com  and we will help you to solve it.

Private services                      

In some destinations we offer private or customized services that are not published on the web. Tell us what you need and we will configure a customized service according to your needs.

You can write to us and request a quote through http://www.campussing.com/contacto/ , selecting the second block “before booking” and choosing the subject “personalized services”.

There is no minimum number of people required to hire a private service.

Price and discounts

The price of the services is indicated on the service card. In some cases you will find discounts that are detailed and highlighted as “offer”.

If you belong to a “Campussing partner” institution, we offer additional discounts depending on the agreement established with your institution.

Check with your institution or company if they are a Campussing member. If they are not, ask them to contact us to formalize it and you will enjoy the discounts that apply to them.

Some of our services, such as programs, have an additional discount if contracted for groups of more than 6 people. Whenever there is the possibility of a group discount, this will be indicated on the service card.


We always try to offer you the maximum cancellation period free of charge. However, it is different for each type of service and destination so you will have to visit the “cancellations” section of each service file to know the specific cancellation conditions.

In case of cancellation, the amount will be refunded by the same payment method used to make the reservation. This is an automatic operation that cannot be modified for security reasons.

If the cancellation is made after the deadline and it is due to serious or unrelated causes, please contact us so that we can try to find a solution.


What do we do?

We can help you with any immigration service you need to formalize, in order to speed up your mobility processes and ensure your legal residence at your destination. 

Type of foreigner services

We offer you the possibility to help you with the processing of visas, immigration services, legalization of documents and any local registration that you may need and that can be formalized before traveling to your destination, upon arrival or during the entire stay at your destination.

What immigration services apply to me?

We offer you in the web orientative information of the services that are required depending on the profile of each displaced person, in any case, we cannot tell you, unless you have contracted the personalized service of foreigners, which procedures you must carry out.

If you do not contract the personalized service, you will have to identify which services you need and contract them directly on the web.

What is personalized service?

Campussing has a unit of experts in foreigners who are at your disposal. If you request a personalized service, our experts will evaluate your case and real needs, designing a service that covers all of them and focusing the work to be done with agility.

To hire a personalized service, please contact us at http://www.campussing.com/consulta-presupuesto-extranjeria/ and let us know your needs, country of origin, destination, when you plan to travel and the time frame in which you would like us to perform the service. We will evaluate your case and give you an answer and quote quickly.

What does the personalized service include?

The personalized service includes and puts at your disposal:

  • 24/7 personal assistant.
  • Consulting and analysis of your needs.
  • Design of the work plan according to your time.
  • Formalization of processes according to your needs.
  • Management and advance payment of fees.
  • Priority processing.
  • Permit collection.
  • Sending of documentation.
  • Accompaniment from start to finish.
Reservation process

To identify and reach the immigration service you need and make the reservation, you can use several paths within the web:

  1. From the general page of immigration (http://www.campussing.com/extranjeria/) following the route “services according to the profile of the displaced person”, “type of services” or “legalizations”. or “type of immigration services” or “legalizations”.
  2. Through the foreigners’ search engine, http://www.campussing.com/servicios/extranjeria/ , where you can use the advanced search section that will allow you to filter services according to your profile, destination, nationality, etc.
What are immigration fees?

Depending on the destinations, administrations and governments, in order to carry out and formalize some immigration procedures, it is necessary to pay fees in advance.

Local, provincial or governmental administrations are in charge of requesting the payment of fees, although these fees do not apply to all immigration procedures.

In those cases in which a fee is applied, the responsibility and obligation to pay the fee will fall on the applicant or interested party contracting the service and not on Campussing.

Can you pay the fees in advance?

In order to speed up the process, Campussing can pay the immigration fees in advance, as a supplement, which the user must subsequently reimburse to Campussing. 

Whenever possible, Campussing will ask the buyer in the service form, if he/she wishes to include the payment of the fees. Campussing recommends that at the moment of contracting the service, the foreigner fees are included in order to speed up the process and avoid having to make a second payment later.

How are the fees regularized and reimbursed?

In cases where the user does not include the payment of the fee when conforming its service, Campussing will proceed to perform the service with the agreement that the user will reimburse the total cost of the fee by making the payment through the platform.

In those cases in which Campussing does not indicate in the service file if the payment of the foreigner’s tax is to be included, either by forgetfulness, omission or ignorance, the user must reimburse Campussing for the cost of said tax when it is claimed.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy detailed in the file of each foreign service will be applied and, failing that, those detailed in the general conditions section of the website.


What advantages does Campussing offer me?

Campussing is a Spanish online platform that helps to find accommodation in some Spanish cities. We offer a wide variety of accommodation in shared apartments, complete apartments, student residences, host family accommodation and university apartments.

Our platform offers a reliable and secure payment system that avoids any possibility of fraud. Our owners do not receive the money until the tenant has moved in. This means that if what you have booked on the web is not what you find when you arrive you will not lose your money.

How can I book my accommodation?

It is very easy:

  1. Search and choose: find it by the destination you are going to or by the type of accommodation you require and find out in the file of each accommodation all the details, conditions and location you need to know to make the best decision.
  2. Book Online: it’s easy and safe! When you book, the property is blocked until the owner responds to your request within 48 hours.
  3. Get your confirmation: As soon as the provider accepts the reservation, we will formalize the closing and put you in contact with the owner.

Congratulations, the accommodation is already yours.  Pick up the keys upon arrival at your destination, move in and enjoy your stay and experience.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

The minimum and maximum duration allowed for each accommodation depends on the accommodation provider and the period of the year for which you request it. Each accommodation file will allow you to view and define the stay according to the characteristics of the accommodation and your needs.

Check out the conditions of each accommodation you are interested in and if you have any questions, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Can I visit an apartment before booking it?

Campussing arises to facilitate mobility processes making them easier and allowing the displaced to save time and money. We work online offering a secure online booking and all the guarantees so you can find your ideal accommodation without moving, such as our payment system or the protection of your money during the 24 hours you will have after entering the accommodation.

If you have any questions after reviewing the accommodation you are interested in, we are at your disposal to help you.

Is it mandatory to sign a contract?

Yes, signing the rental contract is a way of protecting the tenants and the accommodation providers, ensuring that everything is included in the contract and guaranteeing that your deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy detailed in each accommodation file will be applied and, failing that, those detailed in the specific conditions of the accommodation included in the general conditions of the web.


How far in advance should I book the airport transfer?

The advance notice with which it is possible to book a transfer service to the airport, provincial or interprovincial, varies depending on the providers of each service, the cities in which it is required and is indicated in the file of each transfer service.o.

You can automatically check how far in advance you can hire it in the file of each accommodation.

Can I book earlier than indicated?

Unfortunately not. The system will not allow you to do it automatically, but if you want an express service, you can request it by contacting us at http://www.campussing.com/consulta-y-presupuesto-traslados/

Can I modify any data of the reserved transfer?

In the service confirmation email you will find a link and an email address where you can modify your reservation if the conditions allow it.

We are 3 adults and 2 small children, can we book a standard 4-seater car?

No. We are sorry, but for both safety and legal reasons, the suppliers do not admit more people than those indicated on the occupancy sheet of each vehicle. Each child or minor counts as one occupant and therefore we kindly ask you to take this into account when booking and traveling.

Campussing reserves the right not to provide the service if the passengers exceed the number of seats in the contracted vehicle, losing in this case the displaced person, his right to reimbursement.

We are a large group and there are no vehicles with so many seats.

Regardless of the number of passengers, if you do not find a vehicle on our website for your entire group, please contact us at http://www.campussing.com/consulta-y-presupuesto-traslados/ and we will try to find a solution for you.


Why this service?

Campussing offers students, researchers or international workers the possibility to book the insurance they need in a comfortable, simple and safe way.

Campussing collaborates with leading insurance companies, in order to offer you the best conditions, facilitating the process of finding an insurance that covers the real needs you have at the best price.

Reservation process

The booking process is very simple and intuitive. You can find the insurance you need by filtering on the website either by your profile, the stage of mobility you are in, the country of origin and destination or by the coverages you need.

Once you have identified the insurance you need, you can consult before booking all the specific conditions of the service in the service file and if you are satisfied with them, you can book it through the web.

Once the reservation has been made

When you make your reservation you will receive a confirmation email. In addition, your Campussing assistant will contact you to confirm and formalize the correct processing and help you with everything you need.

Conditions and coverage

You can find in each product file all the specific indications for that insurance such as a description of the insurance, its coverages, details, conditions, reservation and payment and in many of the products additional useful documentation for you.

How can I change my insurance?

In the service confirmation email you will find a link and an email address where you can go to modify the reservation if the conditions allow it. If the conditions allow it, you will be able to modify, extend or shorten the dates of the contracted service.

How can I cancel my insurance?

We will endeavor to send you a confirmation email with your insurance policy and policy conditions within five working days of your electronic application. During busy periods, it may take a little longer.

When will I receive my insurance policy?

We will endeavor to send you a confirmation email with your insurance policy and policy conditions within five working days of your electronic application. During busy periods, it may take a little longer.

What address should I put?

If you do not yet know your new address at your destination, and provided that your university, research center or company authorizes you to do so, you may use their address. Once you have your own address, you must immediately change the address on the policy electronically.


Hiring process

If you need a document translated, the first thing to define is whether you need a simple translation or a sworn translation. Sworn translations are done by official translators and are usually required for the completion of official procedures with local or governmental administrations.

Once defined, the process of contracting the translation through the Platform can be done in two different ways, through closed translation (whose budget is predetermined and defined in the service file on the web) and open (whose budget must be confirmed upon prior request and evaluation of the documents you send us).

Closed and open sworn translations

The price and conditions for closed document translations are defined in the service file on the website. To contract it, you will have to select the service according to the type of document you want to translate.

For example, if what you need is a sworn translation of a criminal record certificate or a university degree, you will have to select on the web the service translation of a criminal record certificate or sworn translation of a university degree, once selected you will have to configure it according to your needs and then make the reservation and payment.

If you have any questions in this regard or with the hiring process, please contact us at http://www.campussing.com/traduccion-interpretes/#formulario

Open translation services

Open translations are not predefined on the web. In order to give an estimate of the cost of the translation we need to know the number of words in the text and the time required by the client.

In this case you should write to us through the translation form, attaching the documents you need to translate, and within 24 hours we will reply to you confirming the quotation and delivery time.

If you accept the quotation and translation service, we will send you an email with a link so that you can contract and pay for the service.

If you have any questions in this regard or with the hiring process, please contact us at  http://www.campussing.com/traduccion-interpretes/#formulario


We offer simple translations into almost all languages and sworn translations into more than 50 languages.


Hiring process

We offer you the possibility of contracting a sworn or general interpreting service between the languages you need.

You can ask us for a quote and availability or hire an interpreter service through the web by writing to us at http://www.campussing.com/traduccion-interpretes/#formulario

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is a technique that requires a great effort of memory and a great capacity of speech articulation. To support his or her long-term memory, the interpreter must take notes that function as memory triggers. Note-taking is thus the main strategy of consecutive interpreting, and it is essential to master it.

Our interpreters have an in-depth knowledge of abbreviations, symbols and other resources that allow them to take notes quickly and efficiently, as well as a great ability to analyze the structure, cohesion and articulation of the speech.

Link interpretation

Liaison interpreting is interpreting done to facilitate understanding between two parties speaking different languages, whether these parties are two people, one person and a small group or two small groups.

The interpreter must therefore have a broad command of both working languages. Some interpreters consider it to be a kind of consecutive interpreting, because liaison interpreting is consecutive interpreting that does not usually require note-taking and takes place bidirectionally.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is understood as interpreting that which takes place in real time, parallel to the speech; that is, interpreting in which the interpreter carries out the reformulation that takes place while the speaker is speaking, and which involves the superimposition of the original speech and the interpretation.


What are Campussing programs?

A program is a set of individual services grouped together to meet the needs of the displaced person in a more agile and coordinated manner than if they were contracted separately.

The programs are designed to provide an immediate response to the general needs of displaced persons when they move to another country.

What are its advantages?

The services included in a program are cheaper than if they are contracted separately, so the user will save money, and their processing will be more agile and convenient as they are predetermined.

Can I request a customized program?

If the programs defined on our website do not fit your real needs, you can request a customized program through the form you will find at http://www.campussing.com/programa-movilidad-personas/

Benefits of a customized program

The benefits of hiring a customized program are:

  • Program defined by and for you.
  • Executed according to your time.
  • You will speed up your integration at destination.
  • You can combine all kinds of services.
  • You save money, you get a discount!
  • Don’t worry, we organize it for you.
  • A Campussing assistant will be at your disposal.
  • You will be a member of the Smart Campussing Program.