Document management program

Document management program

What services are included

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Tell us how we can help you

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We process the registration of supplies

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Accommodation arrangements

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Fast and easy connectivity

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Previous contract review

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Legal residence formalization

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Arrangements for your family  

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Insurance processing and much more

Types of document management

Comfortably complies with all legal requirements  

programa gestión documental registros locales campussing

Local registration

Organize your local records in the simplest way. Define them and we will take care of formalizing them.

programa gestión documental tramites estudiantes campussing


Designed to allow students to focus on their studies while we perform the necessary registrations.

programa gestión documental tramites investigadores campussing


Don’t stop researching while we organize everything for you. It’s never been easier.

programa premovilidad clásica profesionales campussing


We know what the needs of displaced workers are. We can have everything ready as soon as you arrive at your destination.

This program helps to have everything organized in the first days after arrival in the new destination city. It is agile and professional, and allows all the arrangements to be done quickly and efficiently. Let us help you and don’t worry, live a smart mobility!

Included services to choose

Obtaining the Initial Community Registration

This is one of the procedures we include and you can select as part of your program. We can also perform the renewal of the registration. As an example, if you would like us to perform first the initial application and then the renewal, then it will be counted as 2 steps in the program.

In this case you could select both, so that Campussing would perform the initial registration now and at the time of renewal, the renewal even if months have passed.

Obtaining a Community Resident Card

We can process both, the initial obtaining of the Community Resident Card and its renewal.

Obtaining a Social Security liaison document

Registering with the social security in Spain is necessary if you come to Spain to work, study, do internships and for many other reasons.

Duplicate foreigner’s card due to loss or theft

If you have lost or have had your foreign TIE card taken away, we can coordinate and apply for the renewal of the card. The fees to be paid to the administration for the issuance of the card are not included.

Opening a bank account 

We arrange the opening of a bank account and a debit card with no opening or maintenance costs for you. So that you have an entity with which to operate at your destination. 

We will apply for the opening in the nearest bank office to your place of residence, studies or work, where you want, and you will have online access to your account, a multi-language manager and free information service by sms. 

Application 030 Tax Authorities

If you need it, we include among the steps the possibility of making the application 030 Hacienda. There is another related procedure that we can perform for you but it is not included in the program, which is the application for registration as a tax resident in Spain. If you need us to carry out this application, let us know and we will see the best way to do it, in an agile way and with a competitive budget.

Registration certificate

We can organize everything for you to register and obtain your census certificate. We can also perform the deregistration or cancellation of registration, as well as the change to a new address. We can also perform the deregistration.

Registration or deregistration at the consulate

We can arrange your registration and registration as a resident in Spain at your Consulate. It is advisable to register if you are coming to Spain to live for a period of more than 3 months. We can also arrange your deregistration.

Registration at the medical center (health card)

Registration at the medical center can be complicated if you are unfamiliar with the procedure. If you wish, we can organize everything so that you don’t have to travel several times to the medical center instead of registering at your first visit. We will request your health card and assign a doctor. We can also take care of your sick leave.

More optional services  

Inclusion of dependent in the social security system

If you are traveling with your family, you will need to enroll your children and spouse as beneficiaries if you want them to receive free medical care. We can coordinate all of this and make it happen quickly for you.

Certificate of employment

Throughout your stay, you will need a certificate of contractual life that we can request for you.

Certificate of criminal record

More and more processes require the presentation of a criminal record certificate. This service is diverse depending on the country of origin and personal situation of each one. This service consists of telling you how and where to apply for it and accompanying you throughout the whole process until you obtain it, but this management does not include its face-to-face processing or application fees. You can be sure to get it in much less time with help.

Birth and marriage certificates

We can do the processing of your birth or marriage certificate or both if required.

Certificate of social security coverage

This is another record that you can include as part of the program.

Declaration of Entry or Return Authorization

Entry declaration: when necessary or advisable we can prepare the necessary documentation and inform you on how you should do it and what you should not forget to ensure the validity of the entry declaration.

Return authorization: if you are renewing your residence permit, have not received your new foreigner card and need to travel abroad, we can help you with the processing of the return authorization. It is valid to select it now and use it if you need it in the next 24 months.

Request and coordination of document translations

If you are in the period of renewal of your residence permit, you have not received your new foreigner card and you need to travel abroad, we can help you with the processing of the return authorization. It is valid to select it now and use it if you need it in the next 24 months.

Supplies registration

We can coordinate the registration of all the supplies you need, water, electricity, gas, telephone or others. Each registration request counts as 1 document management service, e.g. 2 registrations = 2 records.