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Campussing goes live

Some time ago we remembered in a meeting how it was the first time we left our country for an international mobility. My first international experience was as an Erasmus student in Rome. After that I traveled and lived in different countries and cities around the world, among which I highlight London where I worked for years. All the members of the team put on the table our experiences and curiosities, our difficulties, inconveniences, waste of time and money and above all how we got to our respective destinations.

We ask ourselves: Can you imagine moving to another country for study, work, research, entrepreneurship, investment or other purposes and being able to organize everything easily from your cell phone or computer? Can you imagine having a trusted application or platform from which you can organize everything when you move to another country, a platform that offers services managed by professionals to help you in the process, and with the confidence of being able to hire services in a comfortable, easy and safe way?

This gave rise to the idea of creating, a platform where students, professionals, researchers or entrepreneurs moving to another country can find all the services they need to organize their international mobility.

A place where online and from anywhere in the world, the displaced will find useful services that will allow them to organize their mobility with agility, comfort and feeling safe before traveling, upon arrival at their destination or throughout their mobility.

After much work of analysis, development, integration and commitment of a multidisciplinary team, today Campussing is launched. We are proud to think that we have achieved our goal by integrating into the platform all those services that we consider essential and a priority for the displaced.

Through the platform, the user will be able to find and hire the services he/she needs for a Campussing destination. Depending on your needs and profile you can hire professional immigration services that allow you to organize everything in a comfortable way to reside in your destination legally, and having the necessary professional support so that everything goes well from the beginning.

In Campussing you will be able to find different types of accommodation and if the room, apartment or homestay you need is not on the platform, you can hire a personalized service to find accommodation according to the budget you have and the requirements you indicate.

Campussing integrates transfer services, insurance, translations, interpreters, relocation, mobility programs and offers its clients a loyalty program that rewards their trust.

Are you going to travel to Spain to live for a while? If you are going to study, work, undertake, research or invest in Spain, do not hesitate, enter and find out about all the services that can help you.

We hope you enjoy the experience of organizing your mobility in comfort. Welcome to your new destination. Be smart, be campussing!

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