Ambassador Program

Represent us and earn money with Campussing

What is the program about?

We want people to know about us and our services. And what better way than through you.

If you become a Campussing ambassador you will be able to formally publicize what we do and be part of our international network. You will make our services and company known to the people around you, and if they hire any of our services referred by you, you will get benefits.

Therefore, you make our services and platform known and if your environment hires any of our services you will benefit from it.

What services should I publicize?

Your role will be to make Campussing known. We make available all kinds of services that can be useful for an international student, researcher or young professional who is moving to live in another country, alone or with his family, and that make his stay and mobility process simple and smart.

We offer services that cover the needs of the displaced person in their country of origin, on arrival at the destination, during their stay, and at the end of their stay and their return home.

Is there any cost to join?

No, it is totally free and has no commitment of permanence.

What benefits do I get?

There are several benefits that you can get besides the economic one. In order to know all of them we must first receive your interest sample and once accepted our team will contact you to explain it in detail.

For your reference, please note that we offer up to 10% commission for sales or referrals. The commission also varies depending on the contracted services, not all of them will provide the same commission.

In general terms, we have a commission structure based on the amount of monthly sales.

  • Up to €2,000: 8% of sales
  • From 2.000 to 5.000€: 9% of sales
  • From 5.000€ and above: 10% of sales

The commission level is adjusted according to the previous month’s sales. That is, if in July you sell 5.001€, in August the commission would be 10%. Don’t be surprised, the target is achievable because our prices are competitive and the conversion rate is high. It is very easy to earn money with us.

When will I receive my commissions?

Commissions are paid the month after the service is performed, regardless of when the service was booked.

For example, let’s take the case of a foreign service, whose execution periods are longer:

  •  If the service was booked in February to be performed in March, and is completed and finished in May, the corresponding commission will be paid in June.
  • If for example the service is booked in February to be performed immediately and is completed in February, the commission will be paid in March.

Commissions are paid monthly as long as you reach a minimum of 150€. Otherwise they will be accumulated for the following month.

How much is the average sale?

Our average sale is more than 250€, but there are many customers who buy several services or repeat. We also have to take into account that the sale depends on several factors such as the destination or the profile of the traveler, the city, the promotions, etc.

With what services do you offer commissions?

We commission all products and services that we execute directly ourselves or those in which we work with local suppliers. We cannot give commission on products such as air, train or bus tickets, accommodations, cars, or insurance.

What happens with cancellations?

If a customer cancels a reservation, claims payment to the card or there is any type of fraud, we will subtract the commission on the next payment.

How do I know what I have sold?

There are different ways for you to get to know him. Customers will be referred directly by you or they will give us your ambassador code and this will be integrated in your ambassador account. This way you will know yourself who has bought and what has been booked, which products have been sold, or when commissions will be paid.

What support do I have?

From Campussing we will give you support to facilitate and streamline all processes. First of all, if your application is accepted, at the beginning you will have the specialized support of the Campussing Ambassadors team, you will receive all the necessary advice, help and training to get to know the program in depth.

Does applying mean being an Ambassador?

No. Once we have received your expression of interest, the team of Campussing ambassadors will analyze your application. Once analyzed, the applicant will be informed whether or not their application has been accepted.

All successful applications will be followed by a videoconference interview to explain in detail the conditions of participation, to get to know you and to interview you. After the interview each applicant will be informed of his or her final acceptance or not in the program.

What happens when I am accepted?

Once your formal acceptance as an ambassador has been confirmed, it will be necessary to sign an agreement containing the conditions established for both parties, including the benefits you will receive as an ambassador.

How long does the process take?

From the moment we receive your application, we can carry out the whole process of evaluation, interview and signing of the agreement in a maximum period of up to two weeks if your availability and processing is agile.

How many ambassadors are there per country?

There is no specific and closed number that establishes how many ambassadors there should be per city, province or country. It depends on different factors, but we always try to have a balanced equilibrium and that the actions of some ambassadors do not harm those of others.

If you want to be an ambassador in your city, complete the form as soon as possible and send it to us.



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