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I am an agency, can I sell your products to my clients?

Yes, all travel agencies can apply for registration in our agency portal. Once the travel agency’s information has been verified and validated, the account will be activated so that you can purchase any product in our catalog at a discount.

What is the agency’s discount?

The agency discount is 10% off the retail price on

Customized services, special quotes or private services that are not for sale on are not eligible for agency discount.

Can I package your products with other services from our agency?

Yes, we do not restrict the way of commercialization.

Can services be blocked or pre-booked?

Yes, in some services we do temporary blocking of services and pre-reservations. But not in all of them, therefore, you should consult the payment conditions specified in the description of each product.

What documentation do I provide to my customer?

At the end of each purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with all data, information and details so that you can give it to the customer or you can provide all the necessary information related to the contracted service.

What is the payment method?

We offer two payment methods:

  • Immediate payment by credit card or paypal and immediate confirmation.
  • Payment by bank transfer, whose confirmation will be given upon receipt of the deposit.

If an express or emergency service is contracted, it is advisable to pay by credit card so that we can get started with the contracted service.

How do I access my panel?

You can access your agency panel with your username and password. If you are not yet an agency, please send us the application form so that we can validate and register you.

¿Cómo puedo restablecer mi contraseña?

If you do not remember your password or user name, you can request it by clicking on the I don’t remember my password button in the user area.

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