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What products do you offer?

We sell all kinds of services that can be useful for an international student, researcher or young professional moving to live in another country, alone or with his family, and that make his stay and mobility process simple and smart.

We offer services that cover the needs of the displaced person in their country of origin, on arrival at the destination, during their stay, and at the end of their stay and their return home.

On the one hand, we offer services that allow you to organize your mobility in a safe and intelligent way from the origin, for which we offer services of foreigners, translation and interpreters, accommodation, transfers and insurance.

Secondly, we offer services that make the displaced person’s stay at the destination unique and unforgettable. To this end, we offer cultural, leisure and free time activities, guided tours, trips and excursions at the destination.

To all this, we must add Smart Campussing, our loyalty program that provides endless benefits and advantages to the displaced, with the companies that are part of the program.

Why choose Campussing as an affiliate program for selling mobility services?

We are focused on making mobility services accessible to all displaced persons with transparency and value for money.

We have unique and specialized services for each displaced profile and destination.

We offer sales commissions that can reach up to 10% of the total amount.

Is there any cost to join?

No, it is totally free and has no commitment of permanence.

What fees do you offer?

We offer up to 10% commission on each sale, but we have a commission structure based on the amount of monthly sales.

  • Up to €2,000: 8% of sales
  • From 2.000 to 5.000€: 9% of sales
  • From 5.000€ and above: 10% of sales

The commission level is adjusted according to the previous month’s sales. That is, if in July you sell 5.001€, in August the commission would be 10%. Don’t be surprised, the target is achievable because our prices are competitive and the conversion rate is high. It is very easy to earn money with us.

When will I receive my commissions?

Commissions are paid the month after the service is performed, regardless of when the service was booked.

For example, let’s take the case of a foreign service, which has the longest execution periods:

  •  If the service was booked in February to be performed in March, and is completed and finished in May, the corresponding commission will be paid in June.
  • If for example the service is booked in February to be performed immediately and is completed in February, the commission will be paid in March.

Commissions are paid monthly as long as you reach a minimum of 150€. Otherwise they will be accumulated for the following month.

How much is the average sale?

Our average sale is more than 250€, but there are many customers who buy several services or repeat. We also have to take into account that the sale depends on several factors such as the destination or the profile of the traveler, the city, the promotions, etc.

With what services do you offer commissions?

We commission all products and services that we execute directly ourselves or those in which we work with local suppliers. We cannot give commission on products such as air, train or bus tickets, accommodation, cars or insurance.

What happens with cancellations?

If a customer cancels a reservation, claims payment to the card or there is any type of fraud, we will subtract the commission on the next payment.

How do I know what I have sold?

In our affiliate panel you will be able to see the sales made, which products have been sold, from which page the customers arrived or when the commissions will be paid.

What happens if the customer leaves

When you send us a visitor we insert a cookie valid for 30 days, so if the customer returns to our website and buys, we will give you the commission.

How do I link you?

To be able to link products you must first be registered in our affiliate program. Once validated, we will send you your affiliate number.

Linking us is very simple, you just have to take the url of any of our commissionable products and add the parameter ?aid=XXX, being XXX your affiliate number. Example, if you are affiliate 1315 and you want to add a link to a product of foreigners in Spain, the link would be  is simple, right?

How can I promote it?

An internal link is much more effective than a link to the home page, so you can link to any product on our website directly and be more effective.

For example, if you have a post that talks about how a displaced person can process a work and residence permit in Spain, under Law 14/2013, it is ideal to link directly to our product

This way we will achieve a high conversion rate, and we will also help you to increase sales.

Which marketing channels are not allowed?

It is not allowed to bid for the Campussing brand, nor for any related keyword in Google Adwords or any other contextual advertising network.

Do you offer the program through affiliate networks?

Since we want 100% of the commission to go to our affiliates, we do not work with affiliate networks or intermediaries.

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