Fachada de edificio con habitaciones campussing en balcón y galería

Book online before you leave, to enjoy it upon arrival!

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Security, your money protected up to the entrance

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Quality, location and verified prices

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Instant booking and Campussing guarantee!

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Ease of processing and quiet entry

Campussing Accommodations

 An accommodation for every need

Si quieres saber como son las habitaciones alquiladas por campussing y su decoración este es un ejemplo


Fully equipped, validated by our team and well located. So that you can live close to your place of work or study.

Ejemplo de pisos y apartamentos seleccionados y alquilados por campussing para ti


Complete apartments in very good locations, with special and flexible conditions for Campussing members, move in without complications!

Una mujer residencte en una de las residencias de Madrid partner de campussing


If you want to have everything organized and forget about the day-to-day life in a house, stay in a residence and enjoy its advantages.

Estudiantes charlando en la cocina de un alojamiento piso universitario de campussing

University Flats

Located in Madrid.  Full board accommodation with everything included. For you to enjoy the best of a residence and an apartment.

Homestay with families

If you prefer to arrive at your destination and enjoy a full immersion in the new country and its culture, we recommend staying with a host family. Live a unique experience, learning at the same time the language, customs and gastronomy of the country and enjoying a home-cooked meal every day. All our families have been carefully chosen for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest. For a minimum stay of 3 months.

Familia Campussing recibiendo a un joven trabajador americano en uno de los alojamientos en familia campussing. No es un interrogatorio sino un agradable y simpatica recepción de nuestras familias.

Book your Campussing accommodation

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Busca y elige

Search by destination or type of accommodation and find out all the details, conditions and location to make the best decision.

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Reserva Online

Easy and secure! When booking, the property is blocked until the owner responds to your request within a maximum of 48 hours.

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As soon as the owner accepts the reservation, we will formalize the closing and put you in contact with the owner.

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The accommodation is yours! Pick up the keys, move in and enjoy your stay and experience.

Personalized service

If the accommodations available on the platform do not meet your needs, we can help you find a customized accommodation.

Alojamientos Campussing ordenados, limpios, económicos y con estilo, gusto y presupuesto que deseas, consulta las condiciones de nuestor servicio personalizado de alojamientos

What does the personalized service include?

  • Consulting and analysis of your needs. 
  • Advice on the destination market.
  • Identification of accommodations.
  • Coordination of visits.
  • Support in the negotiation of conditions.
  • Coordination of contract signing and entry. 
  • Supply of utilities: water, electricity, internet and others.
  • Optional: Reservation management and advance payments.

Book your ideal accommodation online now without unnecessary visits. All accommodations are validated by our team, so you have the peace of mind of staying in the most suitable place, having the security that we keep your money until you enter and verify the accommodation in person. Enjoy more beneficial and flexible financial and booking conditions as a Campussing member.


We provide you with a 100% secure reservation system and additional services that you may need during your stay, so that you can live a smart mobility!

icono alojamientos seguridad

100% secure

You will only be charged the total amount of the reservation when the owner confirms your request.

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Verification system

We transfer the money to the owner once you have moved in and confirm that everything is as expected.

iconos además alojamientos pension

Full board

If you wish, our trusted domestic staff will prepare a variety of home-style meals for you every day. 

iconos además alojamientos limpieza

Daily cleaning

It includes daily cleaning of common areas and rooms to maintain a pleasant and tidy environment.

iconos además alojamientos lavanderia


The domestic staff will coordinate all the washing, care and ironing of your clothes, under the collaborative assistance model.

iconos además alojamientos suministros


If you want to forget about monthly follow-up and having to do the math, we offer accommodation with all expenses included in the price.

iconos además alojamientos mantenimiento


We supervise and maintain all properties and equipment in working order, so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest without daily worries.

iconos además alojamientos wifi


All our apartments have contracted Wi-fi service, so you can stay connected whenever you need it.