About us

About us

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More than 1250


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We are pioneers in the online distribution of international mobility services.

Since the idea of Campussing was born, our goal has been clear: to help students, researchers and professionals from all over the world to make their international mobility process to another country easier.

We work with the help of technology to facilitate the processes, speed up the incorporation of the displaced people to their institutions as well as their full installation in their destination, avoiding worries, loss of time and waste of money.

And this is the core team that makes it all possible

“We know the difficulties of the mobility process and we have the solutions, we are experts.”

Javier Cabero

Founder & CEO

Carmen Atienza Business Development Officer

Carmen Atienza

Business Dvlpmt. Officer

Raquel Hernández Press & Communication Officer

Raquel Hernández

Press & Communication Officer

Jesús A. González LATAM Market Manager

Jesús A. González

Projects Manager

Alejandra Gutiérrez Product Design Manager

Alejandra Gutiérrez

Product Design Manager  

Susana Fonseca Language Director Officer

Susana Fonseca

Language Director Officer

Fernando Sanz-Pastor Chief sustainability Officer

Fernando Sanz-Pastor

Chief Sustainability Officer

Geber E. Luis Illustration & Art Director

Geber E. Luis

Illustration & Art Director

About Campussing

More information

The team

Campussing is formed by a team of young professionals with extensive international experience working with academic institutions, universities, R&D centers, and public and private companies in different sectors of activity and countries.

We are a multidisciplinary team formed by software engineers, designers, journalists, lawyers, psychologists, social workers and experts in marketing and international trade.

More than 10,000 hours of work have resulted in a platform that responds to the needs of the international community that is going to carry out a study, work or research mobility in a Campussing destination.

Campussing Platform

Campussing is a platform that offers personalized services for foreigners, accommodation, transfers, translations and interpreters, insurance and mobility programs that are a set of coordinated individual services. All services are integrated in one place to facilitate the mobility processes of the displaced person.

We know the difficulties involved in moving to another country and it is precisely our experience and passion for the international environment that has led us to create and make Campussing available to you.

We work every day with enthusiasm and rigor, to help you from the moment you decide to trust us, until we perform the services you have requested.

A different model

We believe in the need to bring quality services closer and make them accessible to all the displaced and not only to the most privileged people. That is why we offer services with good value for money and what we consider most important and differentiating, we offer transparency.

The price of our services is pre-established so you can know the budget online and in real time. Our prices do not change, vary, go up or down depending on your urgency, problem or need. We do not take advantage of your need and situation when you contact us.

With Campussing you can instantly check online the price of the services we offer, as well as design tailor-made services to meet your real needs.

Our activities

Campussing provides its services to support any person or family moving to live in another country. We help students, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and workers or professionals at all stages of mobility. We offer services that add value at every stage of mobility, from the moment they decide to move, as well as during the transfer, the move, the installation and stay at the destination.

We provide personalized attention and support to the displaced, and in cases where the service of the displaced is contracted by a third party, we provide support and feedback to their guardians or those responsible for the Institutions of origin or destination, as applicable.

To this end, we provide timely information, coordinate and supervise all the processes and procedures at each stage to ensure the correct management of mobility.


We guarantee an agile incorporation of the displaced in their destination, avoiding inconveniences that may arise in the process. We make our users feel safe from the first moment, settle in quickly upon arrival and enjoy a unique experience.

For this, we make a personalized study of the services contracted for each displaced person, in order to mark the work times and ensure the completion of the services in time and form, and thus, avoid the possibility of errors that may delay the process.  

How we can help you

Campussing offers a meeting place and support for all those users who move to live in a Campussing destination. We provide 360⁰ support if needed and in the different phases of mobility. We can cover and offer:

  • Prior personalized attention in the country of origin or residence of the user of the service.
  • Welcome at the airport and reception upon arrival at the destination.
  • Support during the entire mobility period.
  • Management of the closure and return at the end of the mobility.
  • Assistance after returning home.
Services at origin

We offer you personalized attention in your country of origin. Get organized with help and avoid delays, unforeseen events and loss of time and money. Your personal Campussing assistant will inform you and help you with the organization and coordination of your mobility and with the:

  • Support and advice with the processing of health, travel, accident and other insurance.
  • Management and processing of visas, immigration, work and residence permits, studies.
  • Formalization of documentation with the destination institution.
  • Processing of insurance and health policies.
  • Translation service, transfers, pick-ups.
  • Support with the identification of accommodation at destination.

In addition, we can help you and anticipate the advance processing of documents and formalities that you will need to perform upon arrival at your destination. So that everything is ready for your arrival or before.

An example of this could be opening a bank account, formalizing local registrations and anything else you need to sort out and have ready before you arrive.

Services on arrival

We provide the displaced person and his or her institutions with reception and relocation services, which may include:

  • Reception and pick up at the airport and transfer to hotel or accommodation of the displaced person.
  • Immigration and immigration services.
  • Local registrations so that you comply with the legal, labor and personal requirements as established by the legislation of the destination country or your personal needs, for example:
    • Processing the registration as a tax resident at destination.
    • Application for affiliation to the social security or contribution systems.
    • Application and registration in the health records and registration in the medical center.
    • Processing of immigration permits.
    • Registration and deregistration in census and other registers.
  • Search for your ideal accommodation with flexible and more economical conditions. This service includes, orientation on the market, help in the negotiation, formalization and signature of the contract, entry and registration of supplies.
  • And if the displaced person is accompanied by his spouse, children or ascendant relatives, we can provide all these services for them and in a coordinated way for the whole family. In addition to specific and personalized services for family members such as:
    • Search for schools or educational institutions for the children.
    • Citizen, cultural and institutional orientation programs.
    • Home assistance services and many others.
During mobility

If you want to feel safe and have everything under control, we offer a 24-hour service with telephone assistance and the Integral Assistance Service that also includes on-site assistance so that in case of emergency a Campussing member will travel to your destination to give you support and accompany you.

To enjoy your destination to the fullest, it is important to approach and get involved in its social life, get to know the culture, its people, participate in leisure and popular festivals. In Campussing we help you to make all this happen in the easiest and safest way possible.

We work daily to implement useful services to make your mobility unforgettable. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of your stay and travel and visit other cities, meet popular fairs, activities, excursions, attend shows, dine in special places, learn languages or find a group to practice your favorite sport, check the leisure and free time activities that we put at your disposal or contact us and live a smart mobility!   

Services on return

At the time of completion of your mobility, we can also help you with:

  • Mobility closure management that helps and prevents the transferee from suffering setbacks and includes closing and deregistration of rental contracts, bank accounts, registrations, registrations, removals and everything else you may need before returning.
  • Assistance after the return of the displaced person: once you return to your country of origin, we can take care of the resolution and closure of pending issues on your behalf, avoiding that you have to return to your destination to solve them or leave pending issues that may generate expenses, commissions or inconveniences.

We recommend you to consult our services at www.campussing.com  and if you have any doubts or need a personalized service, please contact us.

Be smart, be Campussing!

Campussing was created to make international people mobility processes simple, so that you can have peace of mind and enjoy a smart mobility that you can organize from your home or office in record time, without having to travel or suffer endless queues.

In addition, we want you to enjoy your destination to the fullest and that is why we have created Smart Campussing, our loyalty program, designed to help you and reward your trust by offering you benefits and discounts with the companies associated with the program.

Check out the services we have designed for you and live a smart mobility. Be Smart, be Campussing!