24h attention and emergency program

24-hour care & emergency programs

Characteristics and services

icono somos extranjería

Customer Service Center

icono alojamientos gestión 24-7

24 x 7 service

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Agility & Efficiency

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360º Service

icono servicio movilidad internacional


icono alojamientos seguridad


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Express Service

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Tailor-made projects

Type of programs

Telephone and face-to-face service when you need it most 

programa servicio telefonico a consultas de salud 24h campussing

24-H. phone & on-site emergency service

Designed to cover the basic needs of students when they move to another country, at the best price.

programa servicio de apoyo y salud a emergencias con desplazamiento 24h campussing

On-site emergency service

Designed for professionals moving to work in another country to have everything ready upon arrival.


Servicio Integral de atención personalizada a la comunidad internacional. Diseñado para atender a los miembros internacionales de Instituciones y empresas socias.

These programs cover all the needs of the displaced person upon arrival in a new city. It is agile and excellent, and a great service for people who travel alone or for the first time to a new destination and want to be accompanied throughout the mobility in the event of unforeseen events or emergencies. Don’t worry and feel accompanied, let us help you and have everything ready for your arrival, live a smart mobility!

Characteristics of the Integral Service of Attention to the International Community (SIACI):

Customer Service Center

Immediate response times and personalized attention to offer a quality service.

24 x7 service

Customer service 365 days a year and can provide continuous assistance and protection.

Agility and Efficiency

Continuous response flow for both private and corporate customers.

360º Service

Accompaniment and support throughout the mobility process.


Team knowledgeable of the needs as it is formed by professionals of the sector.


The only service company created by and for facilitating the mobility processes of the international community.

Express Service

Our services can be contracted 12 hours prior to the execution.

Tailor-made projects

We design and implement customized support and customer service projects.

Campussing Platform

Unlimited management of annual mobilities as we have our own technology and integral platform.

Other important features 

Open window

Online service offering user assistance through new technologies.

Equal opportunity

Services adapted to the origin and multiculturality of the user.

Green Project Management

We work under policies focused on sustainable mobility management.

Pride and focus

Campussing has been created to attend and respond to the university community, researchers and international professionals´needs, during their international mobility processes.